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Long-Distance Relationships In College: Tips & Tricks

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We all love the thrill and the excitement that comes with falling and staying in love. The highs usually feel like clouds that are never coming down, and everything feels beautiful and heavenly. Young love is magnificent, but certainly, it isn’t a bed of roses, and neither are long-distance relationships in college. Additionally, many changes and growth happen in this phase, including self-awareness, emotional maturity, and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life as life tries to pull you in different directions. 

But who said long-distance relationships in college cannot work? Just because the distance is great doesn’t mean you cannot be close. You can be apart, but your relationship is alive and blooming. A relationship is considered long distance when a couple is far away from each other, and their physical interactions are limited. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because we will share helpful tips to make your long-distance relationships in college work.

Communicate More Often

As a young adult, you are in a phase where you feel entitled, and not getting a call or a text from your partner makes you mad. So you play the tit for tat game to punish the other or make yourself feel important. But for long-distance college relationships to work, you need to be humble and grow up a little bit. A bit too harsh? Sorry. Communication is key. It will certainly bring you closer and help you stay connected to the other. Knowing what is going on in the other person’s life will make them feel important and cared for. For example, are they making new friends? How are they doing in their studies? Is their mental and physical health in check? How are their emotions and feelings? 

One way to stay in touch is by scheduling regular calls either in the morning, the evening, or both. Video or phone calls might work depending on what makes you feel closer to the other and the need for intimacy. 

Advantages of video calls  Disadvantages of video calls 
They are more intimate  They can be insatiable
You can gauge the mood of the conversation by reading body language and facial expressions. Sometimes the non-verbal communication may give you the wrong message.
Give more clarityNetwork disruptions can be annoying and time-consuming.
Advantages and disadvantages of video calls

Be Committed To The Relationship 

If you are committed to something, you will make it work no matter how hard it feels. When you love and care about your partner, you will do right by yourself and do right by them. You will put in the necessary efforts to make them feel appreciated, and most importantly, loved. 

Being committed to long-distance relationships in college also means that both of you define what you expect of each other. Having a relationship in college may be tempting because of the need to explore various things and have fun. You need to know what lines and boundaries you shouldn’t cross so that neither of you compromises the relationship or hurts the other.

Meet Each Other Often 

They say out of sight, out of mind. Despite this statement being debatable, you need to see your partner to keep the relationship alive from time to time. It helps you remain close to the other and maintain the bond you have developed. It also helps you notice things about your partner that you wouldn’t have noticed on a video call, like whether they are getting distant or cold.

Maintaining long-distance relationships in college will need you to engage in activities that will keep your relationship lively. You might attend live music performances, poetry events, or sporting activities. It means you’ll have to create a schedule of who visits who and when so that one party doesn’t feel like putting in all the effort. 

Create A Healthy Balance Between School and The Relationship

It’s easy to lose yourself and get consumed by a relationship. In a college setting where you have a lot of work to do, creating a healthy balance between the two will help you concentrate on your studies as well as create time for your relationship. Meeting your partner when classes are in progress or when assignments are due will affect your studies, and you wouldn’t want that. But when you know what to do and when to do it, you won’t sabotage your studies or yourself in the name of love.

Don’t Be Too Controlling Or Possessive 

Long-distance relationships in college might create a lot of jealousy, possessiveness, and insecurities. Therefore, for this kind of relationship to work, you need to let your partner be. Don’t try to change them into someone they are not. Give them the freedom to be their authentic self, to grow and become better. Don’t try to monitor their every move or get mad when they take time to respond to your texts. Let them enjoy themselves even when you are not together. Restricting their movements or who they interact with will only deepen their desire for the forbidden. As long as they know which boundaries they shouldn’t cross, let them be. Don’t play mum.

Make Your Partner Feel Loved and Seen 

Who doesn’t love feeling appreciated and seen? Getting lovely texts in the morning will undeniably make you happier and give you more energy. Checking up on your partner, reminding them that you love them and are there for them will make them feel better. Appreciating them, being proud of their progress, and being their biggest cheerleader is likewise a big plus. It’s the little things like these that’ll make long-distance relationships in college more vibrant and meaningful.

Pros of Long-Distance Relationships in College

  • You have more time for yourself hence you can focus on your individual growth, your studies and have a life outside the relationship. 
  • Travelling to see the other might be a fun affair where you create a lot of memories. 
  •  A stronger emotional connection because the relationship isn’t entirely physical. 
  • There might be less conflict because you aren’t around to annoy your partner often.
  • It may build trust because you have to rely on your partner to stay faithful even when you are not around.

Cons of Long-Distance Relationships in College 

  • Lack of physical intimacy may lead to loneliness because you don’t see each other that often.
  • The traveling cost might be expensive and time consuming. 
  • You may drift apart over time or grow in different directions. 
  • It might be hard to resolve conflict because of lack of understanding, internet disruptions or different time zones. 
  • There may be temptation to compromise your relationship because of unmet emotional and physical need or feeling jealousy and insecure. 
Pros of Long Distance Relationships in CollegeCons of Long Distance Relationships in College
More time to yourself Loneliness due to distance
Traveling may be adventurous and funTraveling costs might be expensive
Stronger emotional connection Falling apart 
Less Conflict Hard to resolve conflict 
May build trust and tenacity May weaken the relationship 
Pros and cons of long-distance relationships in college


To sum up, Long-distance relationships can work, despite the challenges they have. So It all depends on the efforts you put and the need to make the relationship work. But just like any other relationship, things are bound to go south.

Do long-distance relationships in college last?

Yes, they can last depending on the partners involved and their willingness to make the relationship work. A more stable relationship is likely to last longer. But just like everything else in life, it can also end abruptly due to life changes and growth.

What kills long-distance relationships in college?

Lack of communication, unresolved fights, emotional immaturity, a busy schedule or huge time zone differences, and the lack of morale to commit or put any effort.

When to let go of long-distance relationships in college?

Yes, they can last depending on the partners involved and their willingness to make the relationship work. A more stable relationship is likely to last longer. But just like everything else in life, it can also end abruptly due to life changes and growth.


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