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Why Go To College

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If you are struggling with the decision on whether or not you should go to college, worry not.  With many people struggling with student loans it might seem like another quagmire. but this is not. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to college wondering why go to college? This is because you:

Make Lasting Connections

The people you interact with during your college years will be quite helpful in helping you secure a job.

44% of Americans said the relationships they had already struck before graduating were resourceful during their job hunting days. 

These can be a professional connection, a friend, a family member, a friend of a friend, and so on.

Searching for a job is frustrating. This is especially when you have no idea where to start and you have no one to help. Whatever help you can get during this period will be great.

Get Health Insurance

Health insurance is expensive in the US and securing a job with health insurance benefits is important.

However, when you are doing menial jobs you will not enjoy such benefits. A degree opens up job opportunities that will help you support your family like having health insurance.  

It is not just health insurance benefits but you’ll also enjoy more employer-provided benefits. 

The more educated you are the better the benefits. Even if you may struggle to get your degree, look at the benefits that await you once you secure a job.

Increase Your Earning Potential

The American dream isn’t just about making enough to buy a nice car and a nice home. Going to college is an important investment in your future.

The more you study the more you increase your earning potential. Don’t be discouraged by your peers who join the job market straight from high school. 

After graduation, even your entry-level job could pay you more than your peers will have earned during the four years.

If you choose to go to college keep your eyes focused on the long-term goals.

Learn A Valuable Skill

In college, you will specialize in a particular field. College isn’t just about living in a dorm, staying out late at night.

You will spend much of your time studying to perfect skills in the field you have specialized in. Once you join the job market,yo will be paid due to your skills.

No matter how much you may lose in life, you will never lose the valuable skills you learned in college. You are unreplaceable as well in the job market because the skills are not transferrable.

If you are in a competitive field you can be paid handsomely in exchange for your skills.

Gain Job Security

It will be frustrating to work at a place where you know you can be laid off anytime.

Thus, you need to go to college to increase your chances of getting a secure job.

The unemployment rate for degree holders is quite low compared to those who only have a high-school diploma.

Get Support To Launch A Business

Entrepreneurship is now an idealized career path thanks to the few billionaires in the modern world.

Lots of universities currently are bulking up the entrepreneurship courses. This is to give students opportunities to help them gain hands-on experience. 

Some colleges have launched on-campus incubators to support students who want to launch their businesses. You can get free services like accounting help and legal counsel. This will go along way in helping you get your business off the ground without spending too much money.

There are also mentorship programs and you get a free working space. By the time you graduate you will have a fully functional business. This means you won’t struggle with a startup after college.

Expand Your Career Options

No matter the degree you pursue while in college, there are so many career paths you can take after college. The more career options you have the better your chances of making it post-graduation.

You shouldn’t have to focus on one thing when it is already failing. That is why you need options. You can switch between these career paths until you find one that fully caters to your needs.

You don’t have to be stuck in a job just because you want to be able to pay your bills. There is more to life than that. You should be excited about going to work in the morning.

A career option that gives you a fulfilling life is a bonus as you navigate through life as well. Thus, you should already have an answer about why go to college at this point.


You now have more than enough reasons for going to college. With college certificates, you stand at a better position especially in the professional world.

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