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A college blog, written by former students

Our blog is written by students who successfully made it through college life. The tips that we give are from real-life experiences because we know you will probably go through the same. We cover topics on the college application process, college life, studying, and many more.

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Healthy Recipes for College students

Healthy Recipes for College students

College life can be stressful and time-consuming. With assignments piling up, maintaining a social life, and showing up for your part-time job, you barely have time to prepare a decent meal.

How to create a study plan

How To Create A Good Study Plan

A study plan is a schedule that includes study times and goals. As a student, you should come up with a learning schedule that includes time dedicated to studying. A study plan helps you get through college and helps you become accountable for your

Stationery on a table-College essentials for class

College Essentials For A Class

Are you joining the college for the first time or you are just reporting back for a new
semester? You might find this so exciting that you forget a few things you’ll need in

College application mockup

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