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How to Succeed in College

If you are getting overwhelmed by college life, here is how to succeed in college. You need to attend classes, make up for missed classes, find reliable study partners, work part-time, get a tutor, and invest in your social life.

Here is whta you should know.

Joining college is one thing while graduating is another. College life can be overwhelming because striking that balance in your academics and social life is not as easy as you might think.

Additionally, college is not all about being book smart. It molds all aspects of your life, and you must be willing to take up the challenge.

You might feel like giving up when you think of exams and grades and juggling between campus activities.

Fortunately, you can enjoy your college life and leave a successful student. If you do not know how to do it, here is how to succeed in college.

Attend All Your Classes

The main reason that people attend college is to advance their knowledge. Therefore, you need to go to all the classes scheduled. It can be tempting to miss class because there is no strict supervision in universities.

However, it would be best if you were focused and study hard. Some lecturers require that you fill attendance sheets, and your overall class attendance contributes to your overall grade.

Also, you get to understand concepts better when you interact with your tutor. If you attend your classes diligently, you are likely to stay on top of your campus life.

Follow Up When You Miss Class

It is inevitable to miss classes at times. However, it would be best if you did not make this a habit.

Perhaps, you might have personal or even professional reasons for making you miss class. If you do, it is vital to inform your professor of your absence.

Additionally, get lecture notes from the tutor or fellow students. You can also arrange a study session with your classmates to go over what was taught.

Create A Schedule

It is critical to schedule your activities so that you do not fail in some areas. Proper time management helps you allocate sufficient time to all your activities.

You will know when and what to read, attend clubs, and even rest. You will have no time for procrastination, which leads to unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Most students struggle because they do things in the last-minute rush. A good schedule helps you to prepare in advance. Hence, you avoid getting overwhelmed when the deadlines for your activities near.

Most importantly,

A schedule keeps you in control of your activities to enjoy a holistic and successful college experience. However, you need to be disciplined and stick to the program.

Have A Study Partner Or Join A Study Group

Studying alone can be tedious, especially if the subject of study is difficult. Therefore, you need a study partner to make the process fun.

Discussing topics with others also helps you grasp concepts better as you share ideas. Similarly, your partner can correct you and explain some concepts better.

You can also join a study group. Joining study groups helps learners to understand various concepts and eliminate misconceptions that you might develop when studying alone.

They are more enjoyable, and you also get to make friends in the process.

However, you need to choose your study partners carefully. You should identify serious students with similar study goals and work with them.

It would not be practical to have a group of friends that you spend most of the time chatting with rather than studying.

Also, you might need to change your study buddies as your courses advance. Hence, be flexible and always look out for the best academic partners.

Get A Tutor If You Must

At times, attending classes and joining study groups might not be enough to improve your grades. When you reach this point, do not give up. You can always reach out to a college tutor for help.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about because your goal is to succeed. You can contact on-campus tutors or contact online tutors. The one-on-one interaction will help you understand concepts better.

Besides, tutors are well-trained, and they will use the right methods to teach you.

You can also arrange appointments with your lecturers during office hours. You can ask for clarification on any course-related matters, and the lecturers will be there to help. That will result in improved grades.

Invest In Your Social Life

Apart from studying, learners also need to thrive in their social lives. It is essential to take a break from studies and participate in social activities. Most campuses have a variety of opportunities to engage learners outside the classroom.

Participate In Sports

If you love sports, you can join the athletics team. Exercise builds endorphins in the body that help eliminate stress. Find a game that you like or that you have talent.

Most schools offer competitive sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer. These sports also provide opportunities for students as they can earn scholarships from playing. There are other intramural sports such as softball as well.

You can also find time to exercise even if you do not play for the school team. You can never miss a gym or a work out area in any college because working out results in both physical and mental fitness, which students need.

Join Fraternities And Sororities Or Clubs

Joining a fraternity or sorority is an excellent way for students to make friends and develop leadership. They organize dances, parties, talks, and provide abundant opportunities for building leadership.

Also, they help you prepare for life after college. Some former students become friends after college, and they help you form networks in various industries.

There are also countless clubs in colleges, and you can join any depending on your hobbies. They include international clubs, chess clubs, book clubs, and many more.

Get A Part-time Job

Many students also drop out of college for lack of fees. Getting a part-time job or joining a work-study program is an excellent way to raise school fees and upkeep money. Working also helps students get ready for future employment.


This article has taught you how to succeed in college. It is as simple as investing in your social life, studying hard and working part-time if you have to.  

How can you be successful in college?

In order for you to be successful in college, you need to develop a plan, identify your goals, prepare well for your exams, manage your time and create your own free time.

How can I succeed in college without really trying?

It is really simple, ensure you don’t skip classes, go to bed early, meet with your professors and stay healthy.

What are the most stressful colleges?

According to research, JMU, Cornell and NC are most stressful colleges

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