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College outfit ideas

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Generally, college is a fun place to be at. However, some people are of the idea that because you are in college and no one is there to direct you on what to wear, you should use the opportunity to dress carelessly and not care about what you put on. In this article, you are going to discover the best college outfit ideas that you should go for.

But I tell you that your dressing code speaks a lot, and this is something you’ll only realize after graduation. With the college outfit ideas below, I am sure you’ll pass through college in style.

A formal white shirt

In as much as college is on the map for its liberal student life, let it stick to your mind that the main purpose you are there is for it to mold you for the professional world. At times in college, you might find yourself in a corporate setting especially during class presentations or when applying for internships.

A professional setting requires a certain level of sophisticated dressing. A formal white shirt or blouse is one of those outfits that will never disappoint you in this case. Make sure you have at least one in your closet.

A pair of comfortable jeans

Jeans are among the basics of a college outfit ideas on students’ wardrobe. Like, how is life in college without some jeans even once a week? Sounds boring, right? You, therefore, need to find a style of jeans that suits you best and then stock up some 3-4 similar pairs.

Just make sure to go for a style that’s not too seasonal so that you’re always dressed in vogue whenever you put it on. You can survive with it throughout the week and even repeat the same pair twice. Don’t worry, nobody is going to notice.

Black leggings

Ladies I got you. For a lady, leggings are the go-to on those lazy days of the week when jeans aren’t doing any better. This comfy number is what saves you for those days when you throw in sweatpants but you don’t want to look like it’s when you’ve jumped out of bed.

One good thing is that leggings are completely versatile and can go in hand with almost everything to create an impactful outfit. Just be sure to pair leggings with some extended T-shirt or hoodie, so that you don’t look suspicious any time you walk around.

A Cool Watch

I wish I didn’t talk of this but don’t be that kind of person who pulls out their phones in the middle of the lesson to check on how many minutes remain before the lecture gets out. And at the same time, you go ahead to check your text messages about the day’s plans.

Try to do things professional and practical. You’ll gain millions of bonus points by having a nice watch, which also goes with any college outfit ideas. But just because it’s good doesn’t mean you empty your pocket to own one.

A sweatshirt

Your campus life won’t be complete without some hoodie in your college wardrobe. This is one of the things that crosses your mind when you think of comfortable college outfit ideas. However, fashion savvy you are, there comes a moment when you feel low and doesn’t have the energy to dress comb through your wardrobe and pull out that best outfit.

All you need at this point is to jump out of bed, head straight to class, do the business of the day and come back straight to bed. On occasions like this, a sweatpant will carry the day and it will help keep you comfortable throughout the day.

A leather jacket

A leather jacket is best at playing that boring college outfit. There is more fun in embracing a leather jacket more than you might think. Try to pair them with a basic pair of jeans and T-shirt, or shirt or even a cute little dress for the ladies…the one you just bought. This versatile garment brings you up the antenna on absolutely any outfit you put on.

Checked Shirt and t-shirts

Shirts and T-shirts can never disappoint you. They never grow out of fashion, yet they give an edgy but a cool look. Another thing is that they are basics and you can’t avoid them in every cycle of your college outfit ideas life.

The best option is checked shirts, they can really make you look stylish. Shirts and T-shirts come in thousands and thousands of designs, colors, patterns you name them, easy to put on and pull off. You can style with a pair of jeans or any other outfit of your choice that makes you yummy. You don’t even need to do more when you put on a T-shirt, or shirt, since they stand in for you.

Sporty outfit.

If this has never crossed your mind, then you should try it one of these fine days. A sporty outfit with accessories for college classes, like leggings, crop tops, and even sneakers will do wonders on your college outfit ideas outlook.

Now, being at college all day or having to attend several classes within a day, can make it like you are already having a workout with all the walking you have to do, to and from each class. This outfit combines a cute top with white leggings and some matching athletic jacket plus a few accessories are all you need.

Graphic t-shirts and sweat shortsd

Okay, here is an obvious reason, not to hang around in the clothes you spent the night with. Who said that only pyjamas are the cutest? Some of us are in love with our oversized sorority graphic t-shirts and sweat shorts for wearing around the residential buildings, to the gym or for a whole night spent studying.

Your college’s official school gear

Our list has to end with this for it stick to your mind. That is no longer your dad’s compound, it’s a school setting with rules and regulations. Go through your admission letter and know all the school attires that you need.

At least this is the day to chop off your parents pockets, because they are leaving you in the jungle. Convince them to buy you everything in the university book store to help you “fit in” at school! And again, matching your clothes is that much easier when incorporating your school colors into every outfit.

Final word

If you love fashion, you should wear your fantastic garments! Wear something novel and have some fun with fashion. Why trouble having stunning clothes if you are not going to put them on?

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