How To Make Friends In College

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If you are new in college and are feeling lonely, find some friends. The process might be uncomfortable, but it is doable. If you want to make new friends fast, here is how to make friends in college. It is as simple as having reasonable expectations, getting out of the comfort of your room, inviting people to your events, and attending their occasions as well.

Imagine how boring campus life would be without friends. Additionally, it is through friendships that you build networks that can help you even after completing college. Your next boss could be a friend you met in college.

So, never underestimate the power of friendships. The probability of joining the same campus with your friends is minimal, and you must be ready to mingle. However, the process can be stringent, especially for students that are not social or outgoing. If you are one of them, here is how to make friends.

Keys To Making New Friends In College

Have Reasonable Expectations

If you do not know how to make friends in college, keep in mind that expectations matter. You might be having high expectations regarding friendships when joining college.

However, it is good to be reasonable. Do not expect to find your best friends on the first day or even month. Take the process slowly. You will interact with so many people, and some will not match the quality of friends that you need.

It would help if you were wise and not only focus on choosing friends based on your interests but also on character. Some friends are not kept because of evil influence.

If you want to graduate, keep friends that want the best for you. You can only know the real character of a person over time. Hence, do not rush the process or act desperate. You will make good friends sooner than you think.

Stick To Being Who You Are

Some freshmen make the mistake of changing their personalities to be popular. You want genuine friendships. Making friends requires that you go out of your comfort zone but, do not forget who you are. Your friends should appreciate you. Besides, you might attract the wrong people if you pretend to be somebody else. Therefore, be you at all times.

Accept Being Uncomfortable

Being in a new environment especially one that is big like a new college campus, can be quite overwhelming for some people. When you find yourself feeling a little uncomfortable, remind yourself that feeling is a good thing. learn how to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, like introducing yourself to new people. This will not only help you carve out new friendships but also allow for growth as a person.

Get Out Of Your Room

It would be best if you had a life outside the dormitory. You can quickly meet people when you decide to leave your room. You need to stroll around the campus and hang out in social places as well. In as much as your budget is tight as a student, put some money aside for socializing. Do not cook food in your dorm all the time. You can visit the school cafeteria and eat in the dining hall a few days a week. 

Also, engage in your hobbies more. You are likely to meet friends who love doing what you like. Friendships formed in this way are expected to last a lifetime. Visit the gym and work out or spend some time in the library reading. Join your favorite music band and attend events that are held in your school.

Also, ask for some general advice from your fellow students. You can talk about adapting to college life and the progress so far. Talk about the living conditions and how you like your stay.

You might not be comfortable living in the school quarters and want a room outside the school. Or perhaps, you might be living in a student’s apartment and want to know about the experience of living on-campus. Engage different people in your conversations as they might provide sound advice.

Invite people To Your Events

The hard part about making friends is starting the conversations. However, things get much easier when you break the ice. You will find people that you click with or would like to hang out with you. Once you identify a few of them, invite them to places. They are likely to say yes because they love what interests you as well.

You can invite them for coffee or lunch or to a college concert. However, you might be afraid of becoming a spendthrift when you ask people to paid events. You can be creative and invite them for free activities as well.

For instance, cook lunch or dinner and eat together. You can also watch your favorite show in your room. When you spend time together, you build real friendships.

Show Up When Invited For Events

Friendships are two-way traffic. Just as you expect your friends to show up to your events, theirs. When your newly found companions ask you to show up in the gym, social hall, swimming pool, or campus cafe, please accept. By showing interest, they will get the idea that you value spending time with them.

Places To Make Friends In College


Freshman orientation gives you a chance to meet new people, some of whom might become your good friends. It’s easy to strike conversations with people because you have at least one thing in common: you all are new to college. This is a good place to start if you’re looking to make new friends on campus.

The Dorms

There are a lot of people your age living close by. As a result, it is a good idea to attend any residence hall mixers or events. It’s also a good idea to keep your door open when you are home. Doing so invites people to peek their heads in and say hello. It also is a very open and welcoming gesture that signals to others that you want to meet new people.

 Get An On-campus Job

One of the best ways to meet new people is to snag an on-campus job. A lot of these jobs are in places where you’ll meet and interact with people, such as in the dining halls, working as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls, or even in the library.

Volunteer Roles

If you’re not finding friends at your job, you could try volunteering.  This is a good way to ease into a friendship, since you don’t have to make too big of a commitment, and you’ll be around others who have similar interests.

Leadership Roles

There are various ways to take on leadership roles in college. I highly recommend exploring your interests, joining a community aligned with those interests, and then moving into a leadership role in the organization or club. The experiences you get from leading a community on campus will be valuable to you well beyond after your graduation.

Intramural Teams Or Workout Classes

Signing up for intramural teams or a workout class is a great way to stay active and meet friends. I recommend looking up what your intramurals sports and workout classes your college gym offers.

School Events

A great way to meet friends is to attend school events. Whether you invite people to join you or start chatting with people sitting nearby, you can get to know sports lovers of all kinds. 

Religious Groups

Colleges tend to offer various religious services to accommodate a diverse range of students. Being active in these groups leads to socialization among fellow peers with whom you might share the same values and ideals.

Study groups

Study groups help in improving one’s grades and getting to know classmates better. it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

School Magazine

You could participate in the school magazine or newspaper committee and learn about what’s happening in your school while visiting all the areas. You’ll most definitely interact with a lot of people in the committee and in school thus a good potential for making friends.

Campus Clubs

Campus clubs are so many. From a social cause, a recreational activity, a musical pursuit, or a career aspiration, there is definitely something for everyone. The best part about the clubs is that they meet regularly thus there are repeated interactions among fellow students. This leads to ease in forming friendships.


On-campus, a student will likely spend most of their time a day in class. So it is highly advisable to attend classes. This is not only a way to improve one GPA score but a way to bond more with classmates and professors.


We are living in a technological era where interactions happen both physically and on the internet. Students can interact on social media platforms such as Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups making it easier to break anatomy and form friendships.

How To Make Friends If You’re An Introvert

Aim To Make One Real Friend.

Introverts tend to shy away from activities that dwell on groups. They prefer one on one or smaller group interactions as this is key in realization to more deep and intimate conversations or relationships.

Start Off Right With Your Roomate

Roommates can turn out to become lifelong friends or someone’s pain in the neck. Soon as you meet up with them it’s advisable to have a conversation and find out what roles you two will be playing while living together. This is key in setting boundaries and also coming up with a routine to live by. Hanging out together can also help in forming a bond and slowly lead to more friendships with their friends.

Look For Other Introverts

There are other introverts like you, people who prefer to do their own thing instead of following the crowd. Look for these people. It will be easier to connect with other fringe dwellers because they understand you and won’t try to change you.

Mental Prep

Psych yourself up! You’re entering the next phase of your life! Chances are, you’re leaving sometime in the morning. Take a shower, eat a good breakfast, put on your favorite clothes, brush your teeth, and take a deep breath. Looking your best will instill confidence!

Engage In Extracurricular Activities

In college, there is something for everyone. From art clubs to sports teams to cultural groups. The best way to go about this is to have someone else come with you, especially if you tend to feel socially anxious.

Avoid Worrying

Even if you’re not able to strike friendships immediately, don’t worry about it. Cultivating friendships in college takes time and it’s best if you enjoy the process.

How To Make Friends During Covid-19 In College

Plan a Socially Distanced Gathering

Students can be allowed to host a social distance event or gathering if permitted. All health regulations need to be taken into consideration to minimize contact e.g such as wearing a face mask and maintaining a distance of at least six feet. Activities may include; hosting a socially distant picnic, playing a sport or activity, going on a hike.

Join Clubs and Extracurricular Activities Online

In most colleges, there are various ways students can continue to make friends by attending meetings and events, even in a virtual setting. Getting involved is crucial to meeting other students on campus and making students’ college experiences more memorable. 

Following Student Clubs And Organizations Online

 When students join a club or organization, they increase their chances of finding friends who share similarities by class year, interest, or major.

At most colleges or universities, there are social media groups created for each incoming class. Here, students can share more about themselves, such as their major, where they are from, or their interests. 

Organize an Online Study Group

Creating or joining a study group is an excellent way to merge schoolwork with socializing. Students involved can exchange ideas about the course while also conversing about their day. It’s also safe since it is done virtually. This is a plus win for making friends and improving one’s GPA.

Is it hard to make friends in college?

Making friends in college requires effort, and that often means putting yourself out there. While it’s important to keep an open mind, be sure you stay true to who you are. Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people and gain a sense of community.

Is it normal to struggle to make friends in college?

Making new friends in college can be tough — much harder than in elementary or even high school. It’s totally normal to feel left out or alone when you’re at a new school.

What’s the best way to make new friends?

Making new friends requires conscious effort, but it’s totally doable. Take a deep breath and get out of your comfort zone. After all, you can’t make friends sitting in your dorm room. Strike up conversations with classmates, invite people to hang out, and get involved on campus.

What’s the best way to meet people in college?

Themed dances (with free food!) Campus events are a great place to meet people. They give you an automatic talking point (especially if it’s something like a speaker), and they run the gamut of comfort levels for introverts and extroverts. Facebook has made it easier than ever to learn about these events.

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