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How To Make Friends After College

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While in college making friends is quite easy. You are surrounded by your agemates everywhere. However, once you graduate and move away to chase your dreams things will be quite different. Trying to make friends without losing the old ones isn’t as easy as you may think. However, with these tips on how to make friends after college, you won’t find this difficult.

Easy Tips On How To Make Friends After College.

Try Reconnecting

You don’t have to reach out to total strangers when you are trying to make new friends.

Look in your pool of acquaintances for people who can be potential friends. Since you are familiar with each other you will find it easy to be friends.

It is easy to reconnect in the modern world where many people are on social media.

Special friendships can be waiting on the other side of a simple hello. You just have to be courageous enough to make the first move.

Be Active In Online Communities

There are several online communities currently and some are even specific to geographical areas. You just have to search for the ones in your city which are based on things you like.

Also, making friends in adulthood is a struggle for everyone which is why there are even online communities that are created to connect people who are looking to make new friends.

You have to put yourselves out there and stay active in these groups. Because everyone knows why they are there you won’t even have to go overboard trying to make new friends. It will happen naturally.

Friends Of Friends

It is easier to meet a friend of a friend than someone who is completely new to you.

Because you already have a mutual friend you can even strike a conversation about that. The scary part when meeting new people is breaking the ice but when there is an obvious topic to help you do that you don’t have to worry.

Also, because you share a mutual friend the friends of a friend are likely to be approachable and friendly. Also, you will be meeting each other often which gives you an opportunity to build your friendship.

Attend Open Events

In every city, there are tons of events happening every day and a simple online search can alert you on the upcoming events. You can’t miss a couple of events you’ll be interested in.

Don’t shy away from attending just because there is no one to tag along. Take this an opportunity to meet new people who could be amazing friends.

When you go with someone you are likely to stick by their side throughout the event which means you’ll have no time to talk to other people. Therefore, attend open events and make an effort to strike new friendships.

Download Friend Apps

There is an app for everything you can possibly think of nowadays. Just like there are tons of dating sites, there are people who are simply interested in making friends.

Therefore, go ahead and download friendship apps. They have quizzes on personalities and other cute additions that will help in pairing you with someone you can get along with easily.

There are specific to geographic locations which means you can find someone to hang out within a matter of hours. Your free time will be fun if you use these apps.

Take Classes

Joining a class is like killing two birds with one stone. You get useful skills and knowledge at the end of it but also make new friends.

There are so many classes you can take that won’t even cost you a lot. You can even attend them one or twice a week depending on your schedule. You can make a friend during the first lesson.

However, don’t quit the moment you make a new friend. The more people you know the more the chances of finding that friend who will change your life.

Is it easy to make friends in college?

College is the easiest place to make friends since you mostly interact with your age mates and people who have common interests.

Why can’t I make friends in college?

Sometimes it can be difficult to make friends in college because most of the time people are busy with classes and personal stuff.

How long does it take to make friends in college?

It is estimated that it takes between 40-60 hours to make a friend in college.

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