College Graduation-What you need to know

College Graduation- What You Need To Know

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Graduation is a time for celebration but can also bring confusion when handled poorly. Getting a college degree is an important step in life and has become a dream for many students. Like most college seniors, you are probably anticipating your college graduation with mixed feelings. You may feel scared of what comes next or feel happy that you’re completing college. If you’re graduating, here’s an article on “College Graduation-What You Need To Know,” how to qualify, and life after college graduation.

The journey towards college graduation

Before you start your after-college life, you need to graduate. The steps below will ensure you don’t miss out on your college graduation:

1. Verify you’re eligible

Meet with your college advisor. They can help you check whether you’ve met all the requirements and college courses to graduate. This is important because you will be ineligible to graduate if you have missing credits or incomplete courses.

2. Graduation Application

Graduation is a long process. You have to apply to be able to participate in the ceremony. Regularly check your college website for more information on when and how to apply. Most colleges offer 1 graduation a year so ensure you don’t miss out. 

3. Order Graduation cap and gown

Of course, you know that these items are important for any college graduation. Most colleges provide online or in-person services for these items. Consequently, you should order early to get one that’s your right size. An oversized cap and gown won’t look great in pictures. 

4. Update your contact information

Your graduation certificate won’t come immediately because they have to process it. It is therefore mailed some weeks after graduation. If you use the wrong address, you would have difficulties getting it. Ensure your contact information is correct and make changes where necessary.

5. Check Ticket Availability

Families are usually as excited as the graduates during the ceremony. However, some colleges limit the number of families and guests per student. Make sure you know the exact number of guests before sending graduation announcements. 

6. Complete Your loan exit interview

If you have uncleared student loans, you’ll need to complete the loan exit interview. If you fail to do so, what may withhold your transcript and graduation certificate until the loan is complete. 

7. Review graduation guidelines

After making it this far, ensure you don’t do something that would jeopardize your graduation. Strictly adhere to the college’s guidelines to avoid being banned from the graduation ceremony. 

What qualifies a student to graduate?

It is not a guarantee that you would graduate after the 4-year course. To be eligible for college graduation, you have to meet certain degree requirements. These requirements include a minimum number of hours, required GPA, essential and elective courses within the specified major and/or minor fields of study.

Degrees are higher education qualifications to help you develop a deeper understanding of a subject. For you to graduate, you should:

  • Complete 4 years of full-time study
  • Complete 120-semester credits or around 40 college courses. This, however, depends on your college. If it uses a quarter system, you’ll need to complete at least 180 quarter credits.
  • Complete a 3 type course requirements. They include general education, a college major, and an elective course. 
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0

What next after college graduation?

This is a common question that most, if not all seniors ask themselves after college graduationAfter years of study, you are now free to choose your favorite path. Many graduates choose, traveling, taking a gap year, interning, or starting a career. All these options are okay. You just have to consider your interests and choose a path that you love.

When considering the list of things to do after graduation, the following steps can guide you:

1. Regroup at home

It is okay to move home for a while as you get things together. Use this time to explore options available to you and network with local businesses in your area of study. You can also connect with other college alumni and learn from them. 

2. Go to graduate school

Graduate school is an excellent option for those who need a post-graduate education to meet their career goals. Sometimes, the career you’re aiming at needs more education. You can get a master’s degree and increase your chances of getting a job. Remember to research for graduate programs and schools before applying. This is to make sure that you complete a degree that will add value to your intended career. 

3. Take a gap year

A gap year is a good time for traveling and exploring your interests further. Most graduates who take gap years use it to experience new cultures and environments. They also acquire more skills like communication. During the gap year, you can meet new friends and connections who can help you in the future. 

4. Find an internship

Internships are an excellent way for recent graduates to gain experience in their preferred field. While they pay less than full-time positions, they help you update your resume and get recommendation letters. You can intern with competitive companies or industries and build your career foundation. Begin searching for internships before graduation so you can start immediately after graduating.

5. Turn your passion into a job and start your business

Use the skills gained in college like time management, self-motivation, and creative thinking to turn your passion into a job. For example, If you love dancing, get a teaching certification and find a hiring dance studio. 

If you have a passion for starting your own business, then you should do it. For example,  If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about cooking, you can decide to open a local restaurant at your place.


Everyone looks forward to their college graduation. It should be a good moment as it marks the end of your college life. With all the pressure from graduation, ensure you make a checklist to don’t forget the important steps and miss out on graduation. That’s about everything you need to know about college graduation. Good Luck!

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