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How To Get Into College

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If you are determined to achieve your goals in life getting into college will be a big part of that. The years you spend in high school will be exciting but also challenging. However, you won’t be there forever and that’s why you have to plan for your next phase in life. College! In this article, we are going to discuss how to get into college.

There are several ways you can make the process easier for you.

Easy Tips On How To Get Into College

Start Early

The earlier you start thinking about this and preparing the better. However, it is never too late. The advantage of starting early is that you will come up with a staunch plan about the courses to take in preparing for college.

Also, you will work on your grades so that they are good enough to get you into the college of your dreams. It is not just the grades alone that will get you into college though.

Things like taking leadership positions, joining sports teams, organizations, or various clubs in high school will also put you on the radar when it comes to college admissions.

On the same note, you will have ample time to prepare and take several standardized college admission tests which prepares you to do better the next time.

Get The Help Of Your Guidance Counselor And Teachers

You may not be a fan of your high-school guidance counselor but this will be a great resource person about course selection and how to get into college.

A guidance counsellor is also in a position to advise you on college fairs, standardized tests, and also course selection. Thus, approach him/her to discuss your plans and he/she will likely respond in a positive manner.

Your teachers will also be resourceful when it comes to selecting college majors and even the colleges you should apply to

Ask them for a college recommendation letter as this will increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

Enlist The Help Of Your Family And Friends

Getting into college is not an easy process and that is why you need all the support you can get. The first place to look for such support is from your inner circle which is made up of family and friends.

Ask for their recommendations and input on the types of colleges that will be best for you. Don’t be limited by your financial situation.

Apply to the colleges you actually want to go to, not just those whose tuition fee is within your budget.  There are many sources of financial aids once you get admission to college.

Focus On Standardized Tests, Grades, And Courses

It is important to have a mix of college-prep courses. Don’t just pick the easy ones to achieve. You need to have courses that also challenge you because that is how you will grow and one of the sure ways on how to get into college.

If you are failing your classes you should look for ways to enhance your study skills. You can also find a tutor or increase your studying.

Make sure you have passed your SATs or PSATs the first time. However, in case you fail, you can take a prep course to improve the scores.

Attend College Fairs

There is a lot of information you can get online about the potential universities and colleges you can apply to. However, if you want to get more details attending a college fair is the best option.

You’ll get to meet with admissions counsellors who answer questions you may have about the admission process in detail as well as other concerns you may have about the course or college.

Also, if you make a good first impression you are likely to get selected.

Join Organizations And Clubs While In High School

There are specific things besides academic performance that colleges and universities look for from prospective students. Many want to see whether the applicants have campus leadership potential.

If you don’t belong in any high school clubs or organizations then go ahead and join a few. Even if you will only be a participant it increases your chances of joining the college of your dreams.

If you can get a leadership position in the club you have joined the better.

Create A College Shortlist

After you have attended college fairs you need to compile a final list of your choices and decide the colleges and universities you will be applying to.

Your family, guidance counsellor, as well as teachers, will be quite resourceful in this process. 

It should not be hard to create the shortlist if you already know your preferred location and also the majors you will pursue in college.

Visit The Colleges And Universities That Are In Your Final List

Visit the colleges and universities that have made it to the top 3 or top 5 on your list. The institution you choose to attend will be your “home” for 4 years or more and you need to ensure it is the right fit.

Regretting your decision after you have joined or spend thousands to pay for tuition will not do you any good. It takes you back to the drawing board.

However, visiting the college and even staying there overnight or for several days gives you a feel of how it will be like spending time there. During this visit you can also meet with the admissions counsellor and if he or she has the time you can go for your official interview.

Write Impressive Application Essays

Application essays are necessary for every application and they are used in one way or the other in making a decision in the admission process. 

In writing your college essay make sure you shine. There will be thousands of application essays the admission counselors will have to go through and if yours stands out the better.

Let them know your personality through the application essay you write and convince them that you are exactly what the school is looking for. Solicit critiques from your teachers and family members to know what to improve.


This is how easy it is, to get into college. By following such simple steps, you will find your way to college without difficulty.

How do you get into college?

Get the best possible grades you can during ALL four years of high school,Take academically rigorous classes all four years..Practice taking the SAT or ACT.
Try taking both the SAT and ACT.
Take SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests.
Spend sufficient time developing your college essays

Is it hard to get into college?

A study from new Brookings show that it is easier to join private colleges as compared to public colleges.

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