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How to Study in College

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If you are struggling with your studies, there is hope for you. This article takes you through how to study in college and excel.

It’s no secret that;

It is the dream of every student to excel in his or her studies. However, studying can be difficult at this level.

In high school, there is a lot of follow up from tutors, and close monitoring and learners are pushed to work hard. On the contrary, there is little to no supervision in university.


It is up to you to study carefully. Even students that excelled in high school struggle with college studies.

Fortunately, you can gain control of your learning and overcome the academic demands in university.

Herein is how to study in college and succeed.

Lay A Foundation

It is essential to have the right college mindset. The mentality you have towards your studies determines your performance.

Therefore, you need to be positive and dedicated. You might encounter challenges, but you must not give up.

What most students do when they are stressed is to put things off for as long as possible, leading to more problems. Hence, it would be best if you learned how to cope with college stress to thrive.

And most importantly,

Avoid panicking, believe in your abilities, and keep off negative energy. 

Also, be consistent. Passing exams is not all about reading before the exams. You might be wondering why some students who excel do not study as much before exams and pass.

That is because of putting consistent hard work. Similarly, you need to avoid cramming concepts overnight. Develop good study habits to help you ease your workload as exams approach.

What is more,

Ensure that you attend all your classes as the one-on-one interaction makes it easier to grasp concepts. Some tutors award marks based on attendance, and you do not want to miss their classes.

Also, be attentive in class, take notes, and ask any questions that you might have. Active participation helps you to understand the topic better. 

Most importantly, take your assignments seriously. Dedicate enough time to the homework and do your best. Also, ensure that you make the necessary corrections once your tutor gives feedback. You will be surprised at how your grades will improve.

Create A Study Schedule

The amount of time you require to study depends on your course work, learning style, and personal interests. For example, you will likely spend more time on courses that you find more challenging.

However, you might end up forgetting about the less challenging subjects. The rule of thumb is to allocate two hours of study to every hour spent in class.

It would help if you had a flexible schedule that allocates sufficient study time to all courses. Your plan must be as detailed as possible. Include when to sleep, study, eat, rest, socialize, or even exercise.

However, it would help if you were realistic. You cannot study for 20 minutes a week and expect to master course material. Likewise, you cannot study for four hours straight without a break and hope to pass.

You need to allocate sufficient time and take a break to avoid fatigue.

After creating a study schedule, remember to be disciplined enough to follow it. It can be tempting to skip study and attend to other activities. Hence, be innovative. You can put reminders on your wall calendar or set a reminder on your smartphone. That will keep you on track.

Use Various learning Techniques

Learning how to study in college might involve trial and error. It is crucial to explore various studying techniques so that you know what works for you.


Different courses require different methods. For instance, math requires that you solve more practice problems while history subjects might need you to read notes in chronological order.

All in all, you need to avoid passive reading. If you are reading a textbook, start with the chapter summary and then look at the review questions.

Then, proceed to read the chapter as you answer these questions. That is an excellent tip for understanding concepts better.

You can also get a study partner or join a study group. Studying with friends is fun, and you get to learn more as you exchange ideas. Besides, you memorize more from discussion than reading.

Hence, identify reliable students that you can study with and with whom you share a common goal of excelling in college.

Do Quizzes

You need to test yourself and check whether you understand what you are studying. You can read a page or report several times and convince yourself that you know everything.

The best way to gauge your understanding is by doing a quiz regularly. You can do past exams or have your friend ask you relevant questions. Then, analyze the results. You will know the areas that you need to improve on.


Experts recommend that you work out before studying. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, and it becomes more alert.

Hence, you are likely to grasp more during your post-workout study sessions. You do not have to do intense exercises. Simple exercises and stretches also work well.

Listen To Music

While some experts are against listening to music, it can help you with your studies. Music can improve your mood and prepare you for studying. Additionally, it engages the brain, making it alert, and students can pay attention.

Change Your Scenery

Where you study from determines your concentration and retention levels. It is good to mix up study venues to avoid boredom.

For instance, you can move from your room to the outdoors. The outdoor environment can make you relax and understand faster.


You have now learned how to study in college from this article. If you utilize the pointers provided, you can be sure of thriving in your studies.

How many hours a day should you study in college?

Generally, the rule of thumb is that a student should spend 2-3 hours of study time

How do you study in college?

In order to excel in college, this is how you should study. Lay A Foundation, create a schedule, space out your studies, listen to music, attend classes, choose a place to study and try out different techniques.

What is the best method to study?

The best study method is to make sure that you practice a lot.

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