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What Should I Go to College For?

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What should I go to college for? You probably have not found answers to this question, and you must be worried. Luckily, herein are some majors that you should consider when joining college.

Additionally, you will learn how to choose the perfect major from the many options available.

That is a question that leaves many learners confused as high school nears the end. There are thousands of courses offered in various institutions of higher learning, and selecting the right path can be difficult.

Here are the topmost lucrative college programs that you should consider joining. They will help you develop excellent intellectual capabilities and skills that you can apply in various fields.

Top College Majors To Study

Computer Science

You will learn about computer hardware and software and the application of technology in various fields.

You will also touch on robotics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, gaming technology, and many more areas. Computer science aims at solving problems, and you can do this major if you are passionate about technology.


All career paths are business-oriented, and studying business majors is an excellent idea. Here, you learn about finance, accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, human resource, and many more theories.

Additionally, you get to sharpen your leadership skills as well. You can lead big organizations or even forge your own company to lead.

Political Science

This field deals with current political events and sophisticated analytics. Here, you will be learning about government politics that touch on foreign affairs, public policy, and even comparative government strategies.

Political science majors help students to develop communication and critical thinking skills, as well as understanding culture and history. Possible career paths in this field are diverse from lawyers to journalists and politicians.


If you are a lively personality, communications could be the right field for you. You will spend some time writing speeches and scripts and creating messages that speakers use to make their point across various audiences.


You will learn about communication methods and environments. The major will prepare you for a variety of career options, including human resources, government, public relations, media, social services, education, and many more.


With the current awareness about mental health, psychology might be a great major for you. It focuses on the mind’s features from intelligence to cognition, emotion, motivation, personality, mental disorders, and behavior.

Psychologists aim at solving many problems of human behaviour. You will probably become a counsellor or therapist in the job market. However, the opportunities are diverse, depending on your experience and the post-graduate degree that you would like to pursue.

You can still become a teacher, lawyer, or child development, specialist.

English And Literature

Literature majors could be right for you if you love reading and have a renowned passion for languages. They focus on languages and writing, and you will encounter various works of poetry and fiction from around the world.

By studying literature, you sharpen your emotional, critical, and creative skills. The degree shapes you for careers in journalism, law, publishing, teaching, and others.


If you love medicine, a nursing major could work for you. It entails knowing how to diagnose and treat health problems. You can be a nurse in various fields, from oncology to obstetrics, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and many more.


Biology if for those who love nature. A biology significant studies, animals, plants, and humans and their environments. You can pave a career in fields such as medicine, genetics, biotechnology, and ecology. 

Chemical Engineering

When you enroll in a chemical engineering major, you learn about the manufacture of products such as foods, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals from chemical reactions.

Here, you will encounter chemistry, biochemistry and engineering. You also learn how to preserve the environment from pollution and manufacturing companies will be looking for you.

How to Choose The Right Course 

Your decision should not be dependent upon what other students are studying or how easy the courses are. Such reasons are deceitful, and you might end up quitting in the middle of the course.

Therefore, think carefully and follow the following pointers when selecting any program.

  • Identify your passion
  • Get advice 
  • Do thorough research
  • Get experience
  • Take your time

Identify Your Passion

You need to do some self-assessment and identify the things you love doing. Also, determine the kind of skills you have and how you can use them in the future.

That way, you can pick a college program that matches your personality and capability.

Get Advice 

It is crucial to get advice from people that have gone to college. They have the experience and can tell you the worthy courses.

However, do not make a decision solely based on what other people say. Listen to their advice, but make a personal decision.

Do Thorough Research

It would help if you did thorough research on the programs offered in different colleges. Understand all aspects of the courses, including tuition fees, scholarship offers, course duration, and other essential matters.

Some institutions provide shorter courses compared to others. Hence, you need to know where the difference lies. You can research online or visit the colleges to find out more details.

Get Experience

Another thing that might help you choose the right program is to get experience in the field you like.

You can join volunteer programs and get first-hand experience on the job you might be doing in the future. You also get to interact with professionals, and they can give you insights.

Take Your Time

It would be best if you did not make a hurried decision when selecting your college program, as you might regret it. Take your time to think and research about potential careers you might want to explore. Make your choice when you are ready.


You can study various courses, including business, communications, psychology, political science, computer science, and English and literature. However, you need to identify your passion, do research, get relevant advice and experience so that you can make an informed decision.

How do I choose a college major?

The first step is to identify your passion and interests then consider the future, choose the right school, give yourself time, get advice and then do a reality check

What to do when you don’t know what to go to college for?

When you are caught in such a situation, take time and get some advice before you make up your mind

Should I really go to college?

Going to college is a good initiative as it gives you higher chance of advancing your career.

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