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Disney College Program-What Is it?

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Disney College Program-What is it? Disney college program is a national paid-internship program that is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.

If you win it this will be your ticket into a career in Disneyworld. Any college-age student can apply for the program. However, don’t forget how competitive and rigorous it is.

Nevertheless, winning it means you get a distinct advantage in being part of Disney’s diverse community and unique culture. If you don’t mind answering to a giant mouse, then go ahead and apply for the Disney college program.

This is because it will open up a world of opportunities you weren’t aware of.

Understanding The Disney College Program-What It Is!

This is an array of programs offering education, paid internships, and professional development through the Disney company.

The educational sector of the Disney Company was founded in 1981 and it includes The Disney College Program paid internship.

The program is run alongside a traditional college degree program. There are several traditional and online colleges that have partnered with the Disney Company.

About five percent of the people working in the Disney Company got there through the Disney college program.

What Can You Learn Through The Disney College Program

This program has so much to offer including college coursework, on-the-job experience as well as immersion.

Also, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with other students from around the world. You also get company-sponsored housing which eliminates accommodation expenses. And not forgetting the fact that your internship at the Disney resorts and theme parks will be paid.

The Disney college program is divided into living, learning, and learning.

One thing you have to remember is that the Disney college program isn’t the same as the Disney University.

The University is only for cast members and Disney employees. The Disney college program offers invaluable training and education to help with your career advancement.

All students attest to the great customer service skills they get in the end.

They also acquire a strong work ethic as well as learning to put work before personal needs and feelings.

How long Does Program Take

This program takes between five to seven months. However, you can opt to extend the program to a second semester if you wish. Also, you can apply for the program multiple times and take a different course each month. This will allow you to take different courses that will you help improve your resume

Is The Program Accredited?

This program is not accredited technically speaking. Also, Disney University is not an accredited university.

As much as the courses offered in the Disney program are developed and taught by experienced professionals, Disney isn’t national or regionally accredited by any Department of Education.

Therefore, before you are admitted to Disney University you have to enroll in an accredited university or college first.

You can also be accepted if you have graduated from an accredited institution in the last 1 year. 

The education you receive at Disney University will be alongside a traditional college education. It can also be a part of your actual degree program.

How To Apply For Program

This is quite a competitive program and applicants have to be over 18 years of age and enrolled in an accredited college programs.

Besides that, you have to have done at least a semester at the university/college. Students who have graduated in the last 12 months are also considered.

International students can also apply for the Disney college program. However, they have to be enrolled in a US college and have a work permit.

Those who meet these criteria then undergo a 3-step application sequence. The selection looks more of a job interview than the typical admission process in traditional colleges.

The three-step application involves an online application, a web-based interview, and then a telephone interview.

It is an extensive and nerve-wracking process; hence being prepared is key. If you pass all the interviews, you only have to wait for a few more weeks for your admission to be confirmed.

More than 50,000 applications are sent annually, but only 12,000 people are selected.

What does the Disney college program do?

The paid, semester-long internship program allows students to live just outside Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or the Disneyland Resort in California, while earning college credit at Disney parks and resorts through a combination of on-the-job experience, shadowing, and seminars.

How much do you make in the Disney College Program?

The reported data shows that one can earn $35,274 in a year.

How do you get into the Disney College Program?

The applicants must have been enrolled in an accredited college and must have completed one semester or have graduated within the last 12 months. They must be 18 years and above.

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