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How to Apply For College

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The majority of the students face unwanted paucities and hassles on how to apply for college. It is only through understanding the application process and procedure that you experience success and fewer hassles. 

You will agree with me when I say the college application path is complicated and intimidating.

More so where parents or students don’t have people who will avail the necessary advice and guidance. 

Total preparedness is therefore essential. Students ought to understand the requirements from acquiring letters of recommendation to writing essays, among other procedures.

In this article, you will garner accurate information on how to go about the application process.

Here are four factors that you need to examine and mull over. 

  • Area of speciality 
  • College location
  •  Expected college experience
  • Financial aid implications 

Area Of Speciality 

The beauty of college education is the numerous specialties and professional fields. Therefore, you are expected to identify the subject of concentration.

The decision is yours to make after examining your high school studies, performance, and preferred subjects.

Some colleges offer the majority of the undergraduate education and programs, while others are limited. Therefore, ensure to examine the program you need. 

College Location

A state will have multiple universities and colleges. It is your sole decision to understand the ideal college location.

There are instances when you need to study in an institute closely located to your home and in others, in a different state. Therefore, examine the location extensively. 

 Expected College Experience

What college experience do you expect? Answering this question helps you determine the ideal college to enroll through.


You should examine the college whereabouts, student experiences, and determine whether the experiences match your expectations.

 Financial Aid implications 

Where money is limited and a significant concern in your family, you should consider nonbinding college application deadline options.

Colleges have their financial aid implications, and settling for the nonbinding options enables you to evaluate all the financial aid offers.

The deadline to decide on which school to settle for is until May 1, hence allowing you to assess multiple financial aid offers. 

Platforms To Consider For Your College Application 

College application processes have been simplified since there are multiple college applications platforms. 

 The Common Application

Common Application helps you access more than 750 institutes. Through the Common Application, you will manage to fill your Application once and then submit to different colleges and schools as you wish.

There are instances when these colleges have supplemental segments where you write additional essays. 

 Coalition Application

The Coalition Application platform is new and avails more than 100 colleges for students to apply. Students have availed an opportunity to craft one Application and submit it with the colleges of their choice.

Nonetheless, there are schools like the University of Colombia that have their customized Application. 

Facts To Note About College Application Essays 

When filing your college application, schools require you to hand in at least one college essay. Majority of students always find this challenging The essays to have a word limit of around 700 words.

So what should one do?

As a student, you will have multiple essays prompts available. The prompts are undecided and very wide-ranging, making students more challenged.

The open-ended themes of these prompts help students determine what is essential for them to write about in the essay. 

It would help if you considered writing about yourself, and at times, you should not focus on your big-time accomplishments. 

Documents You Should Have When Applying For College?

When applying for college, you need to the following important documents.

  • High school transcript
  •  Personal Information
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Recommendation letters

  High School Transcript

Every institute of higher learning will demand your high school transcript. The college admission board needs to know your courses enrolled through high school and the grades. There are instances when the school demands the official transcript to be sent directly from your high school. 

 Personal Information

There is a segment for you to feed in information about your family, yourself, and the high school you attended. Personal information helps the schools to understand you and your background better. 

 Standardized Test Scores

Some colleges require you to submit SAT and ACT scores. There are testing companies out there, and you need to determine the one suiting you best. Once you have the test scores out, the company will mail the scores to the accredited colleges. 

 Recommendation letters

You are to have at least two letters of recommendation. Therefore, ensure to have your counselors and teachers write you letters of recommendation for your college application. The letters help comment about your academic and personal achievements and qualities. 

 How Much Does College Application?

There is no standardized fee for college applications. However, colleges charge around $50-$90 for an application. Students from families with financial issues could seek for college application fee waivers.


The above information helps you understand how to apply for college in depth. Consequently, you will manage to eliminate all hassles and challenges associated with the application process. 

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