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How To Go To College For Free

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Getting to college education is one of the goals in achieving the American dream. Can you get to college for free? Just stay with me as you are about to discover how to go to college for free in the article.

The cost of higher education is at an all-time high right now and if you are paying out of the pocket you may end up depleting all your savings. On the other hand, taking student loans means you will be struggling to repay them .

However, there is a way around that and you can actually go to college for free.

Best Ways On How To Go To College For Free

Grants And Scholarships

This is the traditional way of doing away with college costs. In order to increase your chances of winning a scholarship, apply for the local ones. Since there is no limit to the number of scholarships and grants you can apply to fill out as many as you can.

Begin the search for grants and scholarships early because there will be hundreds of others competing for the same prize.

You are not the only one and most of these grants and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. On the same note, don’t wait until you are in your senior year to do this.

You can win a scholarship or grant at all high school grade levels and this solves your problem on how to go to college for free.

Work For The School

You’ll be required to pay tuition fees in every college but this is not always the case for the employees. In most colleges, employees enjoy free education.

This is one of the best options for older students who already have job experience. Thus if you are 18 or below this may not be an option for you but for older students, this is one of the best options to explore.

If you are preparing to join a college in the future you should check up on the school’s policy regarding working for the school in exchange for zero tuition fees. This is one of the best options on how to go to college for free.

Become An Apprentice

This will be a good option as well if you are looking for tips on how to go to college for free. Apprenticeships can open up many job opportunities for your post-graduation.

These programs typically take 1-6 years to complete. Besides the time you will be studying, you may be required to log at least 2,000 hours of fieldwork every year.

The best part is that you can get into apprenticeship programs in more than 1,000 occupations. This gives you more than enough options to explore. The sponsoring employer will cater to your technical training, pay for your college, and even pay you a salary.

It is such a great deal because you not only get a free education but also a salary to cater for your upkeep.

Service To Your Country

Anyone in the Naval academies, Merchant Marine, Military, U.S Coast Guard, or Air force is guaranteed a free education anytime.

You can serve your country after graduation. You may be required to serve for a certain number of years before you can resign but you’ll be leaving with a college degree in whichever field you wanted.

Entering into service guarantees you employment after college. Hence it is a bonus in exchange for free education.

After the number of years you are required to be in service for the country have lapsed you can decide to continue in the same position or resign to pursue other interest. All in all, it will be a better deal for you.

Waive Your Costs

If your academic performance is exceptional you can get a free pass to college. Talented students and military students enjoy this benefit the most.

This is given without considering your family’s financial background. Even if your parents or guardians have a substantial income but you are talented academically or in extra-curricular activities, you will have a higher chance of getting tuition waivers.

Also, some schools wave tuition fees for adopted and foster care children. This is a big relief because most of the children in such situations have a lot of challenges to overcome in life.

Dislocated workers, senior citizens, and Native American students also enjoy tuition waivers in selected schools.

Have Your Employer Pay Your Tuition Fees

The more educated you are the more responsibilities you can handle at your place of work. Also, the quality of your work will be much better.

This is the reason why most of the employers will gladly pay for the current employees to go for higher education. However, some will ask for reimbursement in the future. However, you will have to study in your field.

If you are working in an accounting firm there is minimal to no chance that they will pay for you to study an engineering course. To get all the details of this arrangement you can consult your human resources director.

Study In A High-Demand Field

If the demand for certain skills and knowledge is higher than the supply a lot of schools will be willing to offer incentives to those who choose that field of study.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to go to college for free then your starting point should be picking a career that is high in demand.

Think about how sought out your skills will be after graduation before enrolling in any course. Fields like social work, math, teaching, science, and nursing are always in high demand.

Approach individual schools training students in these fields and get more information. However, don’t wait until the last moment. Just the way you are looking to cut costs while getting a higher education is the same way thousands of others are hoping to. 


Therefore, start as early as possible to look for options, and if you can get beneficiaries of such programs to guide you and offer insight on possible challenges along the way the better. With on-demand courses, you can change jobs often and the vertical growth in your career is quite fast.

How can I go to college for free?

You can apply for scholarships or grants, give service to your country, work for the school,waive you cost, have your employer cater for the feels, be in demand and choose a school that can pay for you.

What states can you go to college for free?

Arkansas through the Arkansas grant funs, California- California promise, Delaware-SEED, Hawaii-Hawaii promise scholarship, Indiana-21st Century scholars program, Kentucky-Work first Kentucky scholarships

Is it possible to have free college?

Although college is not entirely free, You can study in college by paying the bare minimum as compared to sponsoring yourself.

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