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When To Start Packing Up For College

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Seniors at college can relate that feeling once you receive an invitation letter to the college of your dreams. You tend to be mixed up and feel a lot of different emotions. After your acceptance letter arrives, another brain-teaser is when to start packing for college.

No matter what you feel, you and you need to put your things in order early. So when should you start packing?

Start a little early-At least 2 weeks in advance

Generally, it’s advisable you start putting your things in order at least 2 weeks before your scheduled departure. This will provide you with ample time to try and get all that you need without the last minute rush.

It will also give you more time to go around shopping for anything that you don’t have but might need. Try to finish packing up a few days earlier since those last days might get so emotional that you won’t be in a position to put together all your essentials.

A checklist

Before you start packing, decide on the things you need to carry with you to college and note them all down in a checklist.

This will help you in tracking all the important things you need to take with you, and will also give you enough room for adjustment should you decide to carry anything else. A checklist will ensure that you have at least 98% of all the items you need when you head out.

Again, if you are planning to go off on some vacation or just committed anywhere else that you can’t get started packing in time, having a checklist will help you be aware of all the things you need to pick up before you head to college.

If you offer yourself enough time to get everything done on time and get all your essentials together with a checklist, then you’ll be able to get prepared ahead of time and still have much time to enjoy with your family and friends before you go.

What do you need to carry for admission day at college?

Here comes another big question. Ask yourself this question and try to internalise it. You are surely going to start a new life, you’re going to have your hostel set up, maybe getting to know a few people here and there. You’ll have all sorts of activities to be doing, and the stress whether you brought everything you need with you shouldn’t be one of them.

Try to figure out all the essentials that you need to carry with you to college. You’ll want to feel at home and be set up nicely in your college room. Below are some of the essentials that you shouldn’t leave behind when packing.

Bathroom and Bed Supplies

Make sure you bring your bathing items with you because there will be none waiting for you. Infact, be ready to share bathing areas because not all colleges have personal bathrooms. You therefore need to pick all items that makes you complete in a crowd.

Things like bathrobes, bath towels and shower shoes must never be far from you. You must also make sure that you have the right bedding, unless you want to go and spend the night with the security.

Bring more than two sets of bedding with you so that in case one gets dirty, you have a quick solution. If you’re the type that reads on their bed, a bolster or a U-shaped cushion might be an added advantage to help keep you up without causing back strains.


College rooms typically have little space, and usually cannot be compared to your childhood bedroom that carries almost everything you own. You therefore need to limit your clothing to a month worth of clothes. This also makes movement out of school at the end of the term much easier.

As you pack, don’t forget to include those recommended college clothing. To be complete, bring a winter coat or a tailored jacket and some accessories to change the look of your clothes.


You were used to them at home, so you’ll probably want to make sure that you carry some with you. These include things like your laptop, your video game console, TV set, tablet, and your phones. Electrical appliances are so dear to college students, so make sure you are armed with yours.

Any decorations

This is if you got any decor that you want to take with you to beautify your dorm room. Things like posters, throw rugs, and any other decorative items you might want to carry with you could be included.

Just make sure you don’t go an extra mile, because most colleges won’t accept too much decor. Besides, those college rooms have got limited space.

School supplies

Don’t forget to pack the school supplies that you might need. This could be things like books, pens, calculators, binders, rulers, and all the school essentials that you might need.

How to Pack the Car Up the Smart Way

The D-Day is here. So, how do you pack the car? The secret is to have it all done in one go so that you won’t have to make endless trips and burn through a bunch of gas money. When you are preparing to pack up the car, think of how to do it in a smart way.

First go for the heaviest items and put them at the bottom, working your way up to the lightest ones. If you’ve got any fragile items like dishes, make sure they are wrapped in newspapers or any other suitable materials and stored away safely.

Those important and fragile items like your electronics should be handled with utmost care. If possible, put them upfront with you. The bag holding your important gadgets could sit next to you in the passenger seat as long as you don’t have anybody else riding with you. If you’ve made sure that everything is set, your car should be packed and ready to go.

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