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What To Bring To College

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If you are not sure about what to bring to college, worry not. The essentials to have in your pack list should include bedding, laundry items, room furnishings, school supplies, toiletries, food, documents, and personal extras.

Joining college is one of the most exciting experiences in life. That is an indication that you have become an adult. After many years of living under your guardian’s close watch, it is finally time to spread your wings and fly.

However, there is a lot that is required to make your campus life worthwhile. You must, therefore, be keen to ensure that everything falls into place. For instance, pay your admission fee and register for all the courses you will be taking for the semester. On top of that, there are things that you must carry to school.

Many students get confused at this time and forget even some of the essential items. Different people will advise you on what to bring to college. Take the advice into consideration as it can be helpful.

However, you cannot carry all that you are told. Analyze your needs and identify what you need most. If you are still confused, herein is a list of the essentials you need to include in your campus list.


Whether you will be living in the campus dorms or off-campus, you need bedding. You will be spending a reasonable amount of time, either sleeping, reading for your exams, or even eating late from your bed. Therefore, it must be comfortable. 

You will probably need a bedbug protecting mattress just in case these pests exist in your living quarters.

If fumigation is done frequently, then only an ordinary mattress is sufficient. Other must-have bedding items include pillows, duvets, pillowcases, bedsheets, throw pillows, throw blankets, comforters, and duvets.

Laundry Items

You might have gotten used to having your laundry done at home. However, you will have to do your laundry on campus. If you want your clothes to be spotless all the time, you need to have the right detergents, fabric softeners, and bleach, if possible.

You also need a drying rack.

Of course, you need a laundry basket to help carry your clothes when you are going to hang them or collect them after drying. 

You also need to look sharp all the time, and one way to achieve this is to iron your clothes. Therefore, an iron and ironing board is a must-have. Likewise, a sewing kit is essential. It will come in handy in repairing your clothes when they get damaged.

Most importantly, your laundry must be organized at all times. If not properly organized, your room will always be untidy. You do not want to chase your friends away because of how horrible your living quarter is. Hence, pack a laundry organizer or laundry bag. A lingerie bag will also do you much good.

Room Furnishings

Essential dorm furnishings should be on your list of what to bring to college. Your room should be your haven, and you should like how it looks. Carry all the furnishings you require, such as lamp sheds, bed net, coffee tables, wall clock, bedside tables, hangers, and curtains. Additionally, it won’t hurt to carry some decorations. Carry with you some wall hangings, photos, indoor flowers, and other decorations that you like.

School Supplies

Do not forget to include school supplies on your list of what to bring to college. You need enough school supplies to take you through the semester. The primary supplies include pens, erasers, sticky notes, rulers, notebooks, pencils, scissors, staplers, and paper punch.

Additionally, go through your coursework outline and identify what else you might need. You might need to buy some books and other materials, depending on the course you are pursuing.


You need to buy all the toiletries you need. Borrowing from your roommates can be fun at first, but it gets awkward with time. Buy your favorite shampoo, bathing soap, lotion, hair treatments, perfumes, moisturizer, mouthwash, toothpaste, cleansers, and shaving cream.

Do not forget to pack your makeup as well. Ensure that your kit has all components, including lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara.


You need to treat yourself with your favorite meals after a long day in school. Hence, pack enough food. You might think about eating in the cafeteria at all times. However, you still need food in your room in case you have a craving for homemade food


Besides, you might have an allergy to certain foods. Packing your foodstuffs will help you keep the allergies away. Above all, you can eat healthy by buying foods that are considered dairy-free, fat-free, and gluten-free.


When you think of what to bring to college, think of clothes. You need to look and feel good while living on the campus. Pack all your favorite clothes and buy new ones if you have to. Do not forget to carry your underwear, bras, pajamas, sports bras, leggings, belts, hats, and loves. Additionally, bring your best pair of shoes and accessories to match your clothes.


You should carry essential documents with you as well. Carry your identity card, credit cards, driving license, insurance cards, and lease if you live in an apartment. The documents make your life easy and provide proof of your details and transactions.


There are those items that you need that might not be viewed as a priority in your what to bring to college. However, campus life is full of adventure, and you need relevant items to help you cope.

You might need to carry a sleeping bag and other camping gear in case you love hiking. You never know when you might go for a hike with your friends. 

If you love to work out, carry your weights and gym equipment.

You can have musical instruments, video games, board games, and religious materials, carry them too. They will help you have the best recreational time.

You need to carry with you all you need to help you maneuver college life. Ensure that your pack list includes bedding, laundry items, room furnishings, school supplies, toiletries, food, documents, and personal extras.

What should I bring to college?

The most essential things you should consider  are your personal items then  a laptop, portable phone charger headphones, reusable water bottle, school binder and a  portable hole puncher.

What should I bring to college?

Some things are not  necessarily needed in college. These include. Your high school T shirts, your childhood Collection, iron and ironing board coffee maker and your library.

What do college students need the most?

The list includes, a dictionary bed risers, underbed storage, style station organizer, huggable hangers, fun shower curtains, eraser board mini fridge and  a mini robot vacuum.

What should I bring home from college?

These are mostly personal items such as a pillow, blankets, reading pillow, pillow cases and an alarm clock

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