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The Best College Blogs

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Your time in college should be for exploring. You get a taste of freedom and you can go anywhere you want in the world. That is why you need the best college blogs to get all the information

Not to mention,

It is the time when you make life-changing decisions in your life about how you want your future to look. However, made carelessly these decisions can come back to haunt you.

Thus, you need to gather as much information about that as possible so that you will be confident that you are going down the right path.

It is so easy to get information now because you just have to go online to get everything you need.

Here are the best college blogs you should check out:

  • Study hacks
  • Millennial Workplace Expert
  • CollegeCures
  • Thriving Writer
  • DormDelicious
  • PoorerThanYou
  • Studenomics
  • CampusGrotto
  • Dorm Room Biz
  • College Candy
  • CollegeInfoGeek
  • eBaum’s World
  • College Candy

Study Hacks

It is run by Cal Newport who is an associate professor of computer science at George University. It is about staying focused in a digital world that is full of distractions.

This is the blog you need if you are struggling to find a balance between alone time and social media.

You can learn a lot here about how to incorporate technology into your life in a healthy manner.

Millennial Workplace Expert

It was founded by Lindsey Pollack who happens to be an expert in the multigenerational workplace. It guides you on how to succeed in the modern work world where you will be interacting with different generations.

If you want insight on how and where to start with your job search and what you should be on the lookout for then this is the right college blogs for you.

College Cures

This blog has information on probably everything you may want to check out in college. This includes tips on how to buy a car, the latest health issues, making new friends, finding the latest apps, and even moving to an off-campus apartment.

You’ll also find tips on how to eat healthily and even how to write a nagging lab report. Everything you need on life on campus will be found here and more.

Thriving Writer

If you want to master the art of writing this is the blog you should check out. It offers writing tips from the beginning to the end.

Beginner writers need not worry because the Thriving Writer blog offers tips from the birth of an idea, putting it in words, revising, proofreading, and even editing it.

You not only become a better writer with the help of these college blogs but you will also learn hundreds of new vocabulary in the process.

Dorm Delicious

For everything related to dorm living in college DormDelicious has your back. You’ll get tips on how to maximize your meal plan on campus, where to get your school supplies, and even getting around campus without a car.

You’ll also want to learn how to deal with roommates especially if you have never had any before and how to get some privacy when you are living in a dorm. These will be key concerns in such a case.

Poorer Than You

This is a blog for college students that offers tips on savings. Started by a college dropout who later went broke you can be sure that it has actual tips on how to save when you are getting a minimal amount of money.

You won’t be in college forever and learning how to manage your finances will come in handy during that time.


If you never pay attention to where your money goes soon enough you will start getting worried about your finances. You can develop a savings plan and get your finances under control with the help of Studenomics.

It will help you plan your finances to enable you to enjoy your life, travel, eat at fancy restaurants, and not have to worry about going broke the next moment.

Campus Grotto

If you want to have a successful life in college then find your way to the CampusGrotto. It not only gives you the guides and tools to do that but a dozen of other resources to help you in that as well.

With a team of awesome college bloggers behind it, you can expect only the best tips that every college student can apply.

College Candy

College isn’t just about studying and managing money though. It should be fun and that is where social life comes in. College Candy is your fix for that making it one of the best college blogs.

It has light-hearted content to keep you entertained. College students from around the world chip in to give information, tips, and juicy confessions about pop culture, fashion, celebrities, news, and even dating.

Whatever you are in the mood for can be found on this awesome blog.

Campus Grotto

This blog has gained over 120k subscribers which should tell you that it is one of the best college blogs. It is a collection of useful questions and answers from college students.

The issues discussed are relevant to any college student and with many people sharing their real-life experiences you’ll definitely find an answer for whatever is on your mind.

College Info Geek

This blog was started back in 2013 by an Iowa State University graduate, Thomas Frank. It has a free podcast, ebook, and youtube channel that has attracted over one million subscribers.

There are tons of awesome resources for successful college life.

Dorm Room Biz

This was created in December 2005 by Chris to blog about small businesses, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership as well as business ideas.

Any college student who wants business-related posts suitable for young minds who don’t have much-starting capital should head over here.

eBaum’s World

College life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. You should check out this website for curated funny videos and pictures from around the world. Users can post articles on the website as well.

There are days that will feel lousy and straight-up difficult in college and that is when you should head over here to get a laugh. It will lighten the burden and help you take it easy and be hopeful the next day will be better.

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