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Rate My Teacher- An Overview

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Before the internet was invented learners relied on their friends to determine the teachers or professors they should engage. Were the classes fun? Were they too hard? Did the teacher give his or her best? This is still the case but now there is also the internet which makes things even better. There are several rate my teacher sites to review and rate teachers and professors.

This has made it easy for students to decide on the classes to take and the teachers they should pick. The best rate my teacher sites have been discussed below in the article.

The Best Rate my Teacher sites

Rate My Professors

This is quite a  popular site for rating and reviewing teachers. It has over 19 million ratings of over 1.7 million teachers and professors.

The ratings cover about 7500 schools all over the US, Scotland, Canada, England, and Wales.

Doing the search is quite simple because you only need to enter the name of the school or professor.

On every school’s page, there are ratings for the top professors as well as the average teacher ratings there.

Also, the display has information on how the school stacks up against similar ones.

You can click on a teacher’s name to see the overall quality and whether previous students would consider taking the class from them again.

Also, the level of difficulty of the class will be indicated and actual reviews that come from former students.

Since this is primary information from people who have actually taken the class you can depend on it in making a decision. Going in you will be aware of what you should expect so that there will be no unexpected surprises along the way.

Rate My Teachers

This is also a popular review site for teachers. The site focuses on secondary and elementary teachers from New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, United States.

You can carry out the search using the teacher’s name or the name of the school. If you enter the name of the school you will get a list of all the teachers.

Every teacher has a page where you can rate him or her or read more about him. It gives you insight into what you will get if you are considering taking a class from them.

The rating system is quite simple in that you give a rating of between 1 and 5 and the categories include characteristics like homework, empathy, effectiveness, integrity, determination, and respect.

If you have ever attended a class taught by a difficult teacher then you know how significant the teacher’s personality and skill are when it comes to your grades.

If you do due diligence before picking a class you are likely to pick a teacher who will help you perform well in the unit.


This site is run by college students around the country. Almost all students in the US use this site to rate their teachers. It helps students avoid taking classes taught by bad professors.

It is quite disheartening to realize that your professor isn’t giving you what you were hoping for when you were signing up for the class and it is too late for you to change.

The site has a special Professor Rating Section where you can head to rate your professor or teacher or read the reviews.

The factors considered in the rating include overall rating, helpfulness, clarity as well as easiness.

Comments from former students are also included to give you an insight on what the teacher is really like. You will get a lot of information regarding taking their classes from this site.


This is also a resource for college students for rating their professors. The user base has more than 1.6 million students from different parts of the world rating their teachers.

Many schools are covered in this site. Besides the overall rating given by students, you will also be able to check their GPA at the time they were graduating from the class.

This avoids any biases. If you are taking a class you hope to pass. The higher the GPA of the students the higher the effectiveness of the professor.

Thus, this system of rating professors is more effective to avoid biases.

What happened to rate my teacher?

It was bought by new owners in 2018 and reshaped it which means that all the comments were wiped out.

Why did Rate My Teacher change?

Some comments were removed due to some improper comments. Some of the comments were also spammy which means they were not from actual students.

How do I know if my teacher is good?

A good teacher should be confident, resilient, perceptive, reflective, humble, curious and inclusive

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