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Online Jobs For College Students

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Student life is the most beautiful phase of life. We learn many things that will help us achieve a successful future. These learnings majorly include seeking financial independence. According to surveys, many individuals search for online jobs for college students regularly.

Students have restricted job options, including part-time or online jobs, because more time is devoted to their studies. According to many surveys, the most convenient jobs are online. We have listed down the most trending online jobs for college students.

Online Summer Jobs for College Students

Voiceover Artist

The introduction of artificial intelligence has made computers mimic humans. But people still prefer humans to work as voiceover artists as technology involving machines is costly.

This situation opens the door to online job opportunities as a voiceover artist.

How to get this job?

If any college student is trying to be a good voiceover artist, they should have quality-based narration expertise, a good set of audio recording instruments, and a mic. Finally, one can find this job over freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Average Payment

 $25 per hour.

Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiter serves as an HR recruiter that connects companies to potential candidates. Some of the work that a virtual recruiter is supposed to do includes keeping track of various job openings and posting them on multiple job portals, scrutinizing multiple placement applications, and the first round of assessments. This job has massive potential if one starts working and establishes himself as a full-time recruiter. 

How to get this job?

A Virtual Recruiter needs to be good at networking with people. These people are expected to gauge the potential of the applicant. One can apply for this job profile through platforms like Linkedin, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Average Payment 

$ 30 per hour.

Search Engine Evaluator

Another summer online job for students is Search Engine Evaluator. This job involves evaluating search engine results to see if they accurately come up.

The major search engines on the internet are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When people go online to look for topics, for example, “summer online jobs for college students”, the search engine algorithm is programmed to understand that you are probably looking for online job opportunities.

However, there are times in which these search engines can deliver a few false results on their list: This is where your services are needed as a search engine evaluator.

Social Media Marketer

Online businesses need social media presence to engage with potential clients. Due to insufficient time and less knowledge of how social media works for marketing, the business owners hire social media marketers.

A social media marketer is an expert at managing various social media platforms. They work towards the marketing of a company’s product or service by creating multiple marketing campaigns.

How to get this job?

College students must possess knowledge of all social media platforms, including their business and pro features. To get this online job, one requires to have minimal expertise in marketing and selling. These skills can be learned by reading books or taking an online course.

Average Payment

$25 per hour

Virtual Assistant

One of the most trending online summer jobs for college students is Virtual Assistant. It requires only two to three hours of working. It also allows working as a full-time assistant.

A virtual assistant works as a personal assistant to an authoritative person i.e. managers or CEOs. The work includes scheduling meetings, making reports, replying to work emails, etc.

How to get this job?

Virtual assistants need minimal skills and work knowledge. These skills include organizing skills, managing schedules, etc. Thus, it suits many students to start online jobs. One can get this job on various job portal sites like Linkedin, Upwork.

Average Payment

$25 per hour

Online Tutor

Online tutoring allows college students to use their academic knowledge to teach other individuals. Similarly, like academics, college students gifted with talents like singing, dancing, music, etc., can start teaching others online.

How to get this job?

Several websites like, Wyzant, etc., require online tutors regularly. Students can apply to these websites to get placed as online tutors. Furthermore, they can search for jobs on Fiverr and Upwork.

Average Payment

$13- 20 per hour

Selling Notes

Writing good notes is such an underrated online job for college students to get money from.

How to get this job

Sign up for an account at StudyGroup. Search up the preferred courses and sign up to be a notetaker. upload the notes every week. Once exams are near, put up a study guide for your notes and then get paid after the exams are over.

Average payment

$500 per class

Subtitle Translator

As YouTube is getting popular, many vloggers are inclined to hire subtitle translators to increase their audience from non-English speaking countries. Any student with multiple languages such as Spanish, French, etc., can get a high-paying online job.

How to get this job?

College students who are interested in subtitle translators must know any language other than English. Along with this knowledge, a good internet connection with a laptop is also required.

Average Payment

$35 per hour

Social Media Manager

A social media manager handles all social media accounts of a company or any known influencer/celebrity. Furthermore, their work includes posting relevant posts/work, interacting with followers, maintaining engagements with various brands, etc.

How to get this job?

To become social media managers, college students need to know the working methodology of various social media. Their work includes the number and time of posts required weekly, posting the content that will generate leads, etc. One should engage with the company’s target audiences through multiple activities like creating relevant content, creating reels, conducting polls, and quizzes.

Average Payment

$40 per hour

Artworks selling.

College students who are gifted in multiple ways can sell their artwork online through numerous websites. Selling includes various things like paintings, crafts, apparel, study notes, etc..

How to get this job?

Students need to be talented and well aware of platforms, i.e., Etsy, that allow them to sell their artwork.

Average Payment

It starts from $35 for selling artwork.

PPC Marketing

It is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. 

How to get this job

A major or coding knowledge is not necessary. One can sign up for a free course online to learn the basics. Gaining experience is also key to getting high-paying jobs.

Average payment

$25 per hour.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Many people prefer watching videos for their given queries. In the same way, this demand opens up many opportunities to start a YouTube channel. college students with various interests and talents like dancing, traveling, makeup, and making food can start their channel. To make a considerable amount through YouTube, one should consistently post engaging videos in a popular niche.

How to get this job?

Aspiring YouTube creators must have good knowledge in filming and creating videos, video editing, and unique content creation ideas. Having a good laptop with an internet connection will make this work easy.

Average Payment

Apart from the number of subscribers, one can make money through advertising. On average, a content creator with 20000 subscribers can get $11000 per month. A typical ad that gets 1000 views will be able to make $18 for a subscriber.

Video Editing

When we talked about creating a YouTube channel, posting a high-quality video requires good editing skills. Not every YouTuber possesses this skill. Thus, they hire video editors. Currently, it is one of the most profitable online summer jobs for college students.

How to get this job?

Likewise, college students can learn video editing through various courses that are available online. After acquiring this knowledge, investing in good video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final cut pro will be a good decision. In fact, many freelancing platforms offer Video editing jobs.

Average Payment

$20- 45 per hour

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs are the most common online jobs available for various individuals, including college students. This job includes entering handwritten notes into the computer. The data that needs to be entered is either provided or can be acquired from various sources.

How to get this job?

Like virtual assistants, data entry jobs also require minimal knowledge and skills. The only requirement to enter data, good internet connection with a laptop/PC. 

Average Payment

$12.92 per hour

Language Tutor

This is a supervisor who provides straightforward language teaching to small groups of students. The motivation to learn a foreign language is a complex process therefore the need for tutors has increased immensely over the years.

How to get this job

One needs good fluency in the language they intend to tutor. Academic qualifications from degrees to certifications are a huge plus. One also needs an adaptable teaching style, one on one teaching skills.

Average payment

$18 per hour.

Graphic Designer

This is another great job in the freelancing arena. College students can truly use these online jobs to highlight their skills and make money from them.

How to get this job

You don’t need to be studying graphic design, but you do need graphic design skills, which you can learn quickly online e.g from Adobe Illustrator. You can then put up design samples on your websites and start looking for online jobs e.g Upwork.

Average payment

$30 per hour

Web Developer

Web development is a growing industry that is breaking barriers every day. Having the skills to create a website can be a good online job for college students.

How to get this job

One does not need a degree but having basic web development skills is vital. You can learn about them through short online courses eg Skillshare or even from DIY videos on youtube. Once you’ve learned you can start practicing by creating free websites for friends or colleagues thus building a good portfolio. You can use the portfolio to search for gigs.

Average payment

$36 per hour

How to find a summer job?

To find online summer jobs for college students, one can refer to various job portal websites. Moreover sites like Linkedin, Upwork, Fiverr, etc., daily post requirements for the above-mentioned online jobs and one can apply according to their skills and knowledge.

Having a good social network will also help in finding online summer jobs. Any individual that is required to get the job done can get connected to potential candidates through networking.

One can contact various recruiting agencies that are responsible for getting summer jobs for college students. 

Students who have good knowledge about summer jobs can directly apply on the company’s websites. 

Benefits of Summer Student Work Experience

  • While studying, doing a job will help you manage finances and give you work experience that can help you get a full-time job.
  • When you do an online job, it will boost your confidence as you deal with real-time situations. Along with confidence, it will also help sharpen some skills and talents that will help in future endeavors.
  • Summer jobs currently help students to discover their passion and what they enjoy doing most. In summary these points will help you in deciding a career path after graduation.
  • You can also learn about working ethics and communication skills to make the transition to full-time jobs easy.


Online summer jobs for college students are highly beneficial and financially profitable. Earning while studying teaches students to achieve financial stability early in life. Having a job in college will make them value things like money, time, and knowledge.

Are there any online jobs for college students?
Yes, many online jobs are available for college students. While some jobs require some academic background, online jobs for college students require skills over theoretical valuation.

What kind of jobs can you get with a college degree?
Various jobs are available for degree holders. Jobs like managers, medical professionals. Engineers, bankers, etc., require a college degree.

How can college students make money online?
College students can make money through various online summer jobs for college students. Several job portals offer appointments that can be done part-time or online that require fewer working hours and reasonable payment.

What jobs can college students do from home?
Ans: Jobs that a college student can do from home include social media manager, virtual assistant, video editing, voiceover artist, data entry jobs, online tutoring, etc.

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