online summer jobs for college students

Online Summer Jobs For College Students

If you are on the search for online summer jobs for college students, you are in the right place. In as much as working part-time at the nearest restaurant or supermarket can be a great way to cash in some extra money, it doesn’t offer the flexibility you need as a student.

Online jobs have been on the rise these days since they increase daily with advancements in technology and an increase in online engagement.

Below are 10 online jobs which can allow a student to work for a few hours a week to help them make money.

Voiceover Artist


Even though computers have been developed to imitate the human voice, you still don’t need to be paid a dollar to tell a synthesized voice from a real one.

Therefore, there’s a high demand for individuals who are able to offer quality narration for videos and other media. If you’ve got the audio recording equipment, a noise cancellation headset, and a good voice, you are just a step away from this job.

Being that the whole process of recording the audio and posting it takes around 1hour, voiceover artists are paid around $25 per hour.

Virtual Recruiter


As a virtual recruiter, you’ll act as a bridge between a company and new employees. You’ll do things like posting available jobs, screening resumes of applicants, being in charge of preliminary assessments and even help negotiate salaries.

After you are fully established in the industry, you can cash in more than $50,000 for full time employees or $30-per hour on a commission rate or as a contractor. There are very many virtual recruiter jobs on LinkedIn, so you can head there and start your journey.

Search Engine Evaluator


Another summer online job for students is Search Engine Evaluator. This job involves evaluating search engine results to see if they accurately come up.

The major search engines on the internet are Google, Bing and Yahoo. When people go online to look for topics, example “summer online jobs for college students”, the search engine algorithm is programmed to understand that you are probably looking for online job opportunities.

However, there are times in which these search engines can deliver a few false results on their list:This is where your services are needed as a search engine evaluator.

Social Media Marketer


Companies and businesses need to stay active on social media in order to interact with their fans and make known their brand.

Nonetheless, most business owners have very little social media knowledge. They therefore require the services of a social media marketer. This job is mostly suitable for the youth and it pays around $25 per hour and can go as high as $70. You’ll at least be required to have knowledge of use of all the social media platforms before you can be hired.

Virtual Assistant


While this has a full-time income capability, students can also get work as freelance virtual assistants for a few hours in a day.

You will serve as a personal assistant to some companies or an individual. Your work is to help with online stuff such as reading, composing, and replying to emails, creating daily or weekly schedules and organizational techniques that go in line with the company you are employed with. There is very little experience required to be a VA, so this suits most students.

Online Tutor

Pay: $13-$20/hour

Try to go an extra mile. Take your academic capability and know-how online to start your own tutoring business. And it’s not necessarily academic:

You can also consider your extracurricular talents, and offer consultations in things like music, social media, nutrition, or art, too. Any technical knowledge like hacking will also help you pocket a good amount. Just make a video of yourself explaining some trick and post it on YouTube. There are also online tutoring companies to which you could send your applications and be part of them.



Taking proper notes is a skill. Not everyone is capable of taking self-explanatory notes. If you are skilled in this area, then you can turn it into dollars when you sell your notes.

This is completely allowed. When you get accepted on platforms such as StudySoup, be assured of more than $500 per class. Other programs will also pay less, but this is a very good way to make money.

Subtitle Translator


If you are familiar with other international languages, you can be paid handsomely to translate subtitles at Rev. Payments are calculated per hour and you can earn more than $10,000 per month. Your work is to convert an English video into other languages like French, German, Spanish, Hindi and a few other languages.

What you need is a good network connection and a computer, but you can work at your own time. Rev usually makes payments through PayPal and you get paid weekly, which is great to set off some bills as a student.

Social Media Manager


Being in charge of a company’s social media account, or even being hired by a celebrity to be in charge of their social media account is a fun way to make money on a flexible schedule.

A social media operator serves as the voice of the person, or company they are working for. You’ll be in for deals and content promotion, interact with followers and be in charge of all the online content of the account.

You could just post your CV on random job boards, or better approach local companies in person.

However, you need to be creative and self-motivated. There are very many people out here who will not pull back their thoughts, however pinching it is. You therefore need to be creative and know how to accommodate such persons.

Resume Writer

Pay: $25/hour

This is a very flexible and interesting job to undertake as a student. Have someone in mind looking for a job or about to graduate from college? Help them work on their resume to make it eye catching.

This job is highly competitive and you’ll send many unanswered applications. But competition is everywhere, so don’t get pissed off.


Instead, make attempts of reaching into your existing network for clients like friends hunting internships and summer jobs.

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