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How To Prepare For College

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College is way different from high school. Therefore, if you don’t prepare for this transition it can give you some trouble. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind on how to prepare for college.

Everything You Should Know On How To Prepare For College

Get To Know Your Counselor

High school counsellors are a great resource in preparing for college. Don’t reach out while you are in your senior year but rather in your freshman year.

The earlier you start the better. Forming this relationship early means you’ll have someone guiding you for the next four years.

To get into the college of your choice your performance over the years you spend in high school will be considered.

This is why having someone to check you every time you start slacking is crucial because it increases your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.

For starters, write up a plan of realistic choices you are confident with. However, remember that your career plans can change several times in the courses of study.

Therefore don’t focus on one path. In the early stages, you should be flexible with your plans.

Go Through Your College Degree Requirements

In many colleges, the focus is on the standard subjects which are science, literature, math, and history. After that, the emphasis moves onto higher technical degrees where the subjects are more specific.

This will depend on your goals though. Knowing the specific requirements you have to fulfill in order to be admitted to the program you want avoids time wastage.

It’s better to score average grades in subject areas that are key for college admission to the program you desire instead of scoring highly in subjects that won’t matter.

Thus, preparations for college should start early and not in your final year of high school. You’ll be competing with students from all over the country for admission and mediocrity will cost you the admission.

Participate In Extracurricular Activities

It is not just your grades that will determine where you go for college. Extracurricular activities are also key in the admission process.

Colleges value those who can balance academic work with extracurricular activities. There are so many to pick from it is hard to miss one that is best for you.

There are pre-college summer programs you can take part in. Some will be more focused on programs to learn many things ranging from business programs to competitive gaming. 

However, others are subjective specific. You don’t have to go away to camp all summer for this though. There are perfect day programs you can even take part in while school is still in session or even during summer break.

They include golfing, tennis, and even cooking sessions. As long as they help your college application stand apart you should consider them.

Have A Four-Year School Schedule

Once you join high school the next stop for you is college if that’s what is in your mind. Thus, the sooner you come up with your four-year school schedule the better.

Define the classes you should take and pass based on the specific degree you wish to pursue in college.

Also, remember that college preparation starts from the first day of high school but that doesn’t mean plans cannot change. 

Go through the schedule frequently with your high school counselor and make the necessary adjustments based on your plans.

Also, this schedule should be developed with the input of your counsellor. Thus, the first day of high school isn’t just a celebration of the parties you will attend and the new chapter you are starting but also an opportunity to create the future you want.

Hone Your Note-Taking Skills

You will be surprised at a large number of students per class in college which means you have to be attentive and good at note-taking once you get there.

The professors will not always have time to go through what you didn’t understand privately. Also, you have to decide what is important to be noted down and what is not while the lecture is going on. No one will force you to take notes or submit assignments but failing will have negative consequences.

The sooner you hone your skills in note-taking the better. There are no repeat lessons in college and the professors talk quickly. If you can get good at this while in high school the adjustment in college will not be a painful one.

Apply For Internships

Internships are optional but if you can get such an opportunity it will be a great addition in your preparation for college.

Besides that, they help you get a look at the possible career paths you can follow after college or even the professional future that awaits you if you have already made up your mind.

Some companies support their interns by placing them within their field of choice and you are also given a mentor who takes you through unique opportunities whereby you can see the career in action.

You will walk away fully aware of the industry realities and whether you are really interested in that profession or not.

There are some people who have spent thousands of dollars to go through college only to realize they have no passion for the career they choose. You don’t want to be in this dilemma when you have wasted so much time and money to get where you are.

Start Researching Colleges

Preparing for college can not be complete if you don’t know your options as far as the colleges you want to apply to go. Check out their requirements and also prerequisites.

If the college you wish to join is far from home, plan for accommodation. You can reside on campus or share an apartment with friends. However, accommodation cost is separate from tuition and you need to ensure you have an adequate amount for that.


The points discussed above highlight the major areas of interest on how to prepare for college while planning to join college. You will hardly go wrong while using these guidelines.

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