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Why College Should Be Free

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If you are reading this it means the student loan burden is weighing heavily on you or you are not happy to see people struggle with the same. Why college should be free is because education is a basic need and the fact that millions of people are struggling to raise the fees.

It’s even sadder that there are those who have opted out of getting even the basic level of education just because they could not afford it.

Things might be looking up now though since many people are having this discussion. It will be a success if it gets more support and the more you know about the reasons why college should be free the more instrumental you’ll be in supporting the cause.

Here are some of the reasons why college should be free:

It Improves The Society

If you have studied up to a tertiary level it means you have better knowledge and skills to use in solving problems. Now, imagine that everyone in society has the same capabilities!

It means that everyone will be working on a different problem and, in the end, progress will be achieved much faster.

The economy is an important part of any society as well and better-educated people will understand the current economic conditions better as well as the history of society.

Therefore, you won’t have to convince people that hard to take part in politics to improve their country.

Most of the people who are never bothered to vote or to speak up about the injustices in a society mostly don’t understand politics. It comes down to a lack of education.

That’s why college education has to be free if we hope to build a better society.

More Skilled Workforce

It is pretty obvious that

Technological progression has been a key part of the shift that has been experienced in the workforce. This will not be ending soon.

Automation in many sectors has already happened and this means low-skill workers will no longer be needed. Nevertheless, automation cannot replace the entire workforce.


Most economies are now in demand for a more skilled workforce. It doesn’t mean physical strength or counting bills faster. This requires workers to have better creative thinking abilities and also analytical skills.

The needed skills are better taught and finessed at the college level which is why everyone should have an opportunity to get a college education.

If only college education was free more people could enrol and one of the outcomes would be a widened workforce.

Better Economy

If you have gone through college already and you are from a low or middle-class family you are likely to have a massive amount of debt.

The bitter truth is.

It is hard to win when you graduate with debt even when you have no idea where your next meal will come from. Having said that, It will take years to dig yourself out of debt which keeps growing every day thanks to the interest rates.

It will also take you longer to save enough money to spend on things like a car or a house. With a low spending rate, the economy will not grow.

An increase in consumer spending means there is more demand hence more employment opportunities. This has a positive impact on economic activities.

On the same note,

you may even avoid joining college or studying to the level you desire to avoid accumulating much debt.


You cannot hope to have equal opportunities as others in society when you cannot afford to pay for college. Many bright minds around the world come from low-income households and that holds them back.

You should not fail to realize your dreams just because you were born on the wrong side of society. If college was free it means anyone would have an equal opportunity to pursue his or her dreams.

Bright minds would be nurtured who would go on to solve major problems in society to make it better.

As much as there are many organizations campaigning for equality, without affordable education for all the campaign won’t be won.

It will also be hard for you to give your all to your studies when you are worried about whether you will afford tuition or even have enough money to buy books.


It is evident that free college education will foster an upright society, and also develop some kind of equity. These factors will improve the livelihood of all.

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