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Flexible jobs for college students

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Attending college allows you to pursue your interests, build long-lasting relationships, and make you ready for your career. In your first days in college, you are introduced to the old triangle of college life: the triangle of social life, good grades, and enough sleep. What is worrying is that flexible jobs for college students are not considered.

Unfortunately, due to increasing tuition fees, the average student comes out of college with an estimated $30,000 in loans. To mitigate these post-graduation debts and also for their survival, students who are able to think outside the box take on the side- hustles.

These 10 side jobs can help college students increase their cash flow even in the middle of the semester.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a 21st- century idea to the personal assistant, an administration associate who helps busy professionals with daily chores such as research, scheduling, setting appointments, monitoring and replying to emails among many others.

This is a perfect job for any college student who is organized and has some computer know-how. Possessing previous administrative experience would be an added advantage. To add sugar to it, most VA tasks can be performed remotely and, in other cases at your preferred time of the day.


Many businesses are in the rush to create eye-catching and relatable online content. As a college student, you should not limit your job search to local businesses as blogging is generally remote and submitted online.

You can also reach out to your favorite blogs to see if they are looking for contributors. There are also sites which offer freelance writing opportunities like Upwork, Freelancer, and ProBlogger.

This line of work often pays per project or per word if it’s a writing project. Generally, be at a position to get more lucrative gigs as you sharpen your writing skills and build a professional portfolio.

Driver & Carshare

From carsharing to ridesharing to delivery drivers, there is a variety of options in this category. With the advancement in technology and the rise of Lyft and Uber taxi services, you are a single step away from being a carshare and start filling your wallet with some extra cash.

There are several apps that allow you to offer people rides on trips that you are already taking. You can as well become a delivery driver for hotels and restaurants or other local businesses.

Tutoring Other Students

Not all college students have the knowledge to tutor other students, but the ones who do benefit from very high hourly rates. Tutoring jobs are available in a variety of places ranging from peer tutoring programs at the University to online formats.

Take a subject you are good in and help other students improve their grades by coaching them. You can also get work by posting advertisements on your school’s Facebook page and other social media. You might also apply for positions with tutoring websites like Wyzant and VIPKid. There is plenty of work for you.

Social Media Manager

Companies and some celebrities often go for young, college-age employees to run their social media accounts because-obvious, college students are already on social media and that is where they spend a lot of their time these days.

Many times these are part-time, hourly positions that offer work that can be performed remotely, like social media campaign scheduling, customer service tasks, image uploads, and research.


Be it in offices, schools, homes or restaurants, cleaning jobs offer a lot of flexibility in the form of early and/ or late work hours, with some employers offering long stretches of time off during the day.

Typically, cleaners are able to come up with their own work schedule. Cleaning jobs are usually easy jobs, especially for ladies, there is no complexity involved or any experience required.


If you’ve got a nice DSLR and an eye for capturing good times, reach out to nearby photographers and enquire from them if they need an extra pair of hands. This job is mostly on high demand during weekends or night events so having a flexible schedule is not something you should doubt.

You could also just start your own photography business by photographing your friends and fellow students for special events around campus and even in the neighborhood.

Server At A Restaurant

This is one of the ideal jobs for go-getters. For those looking to earn fast cash to pay your way through college, this is a very good option for you. You will however be on your feet most of the time, but the extra income gained from tips and appreciations will be a great boost to your bank account.

This is also the go-to job for those willing to gain valuable experience in the food industry.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Are you in love with pets and in need of some extra cash? If your answer is yes, become a dog walker and/ pet sitter. There are very many websites like Rover, which offer on-demand employment opportunities that fit with even the most offbeat schedule.

And, those who are able to host doggy daycares and overnight pet sits can end up making twice the amount of money as dog walkers. If you have experience working with nontraditional pets such as horses, reptiles, and farm animals, consider having a fat wallet by the end of the first month into your job.

Sales Associate

According to research, this is one of the most commonly held jobs by college students. Sales associates just as food service workers, enjoy flexibility in terms of shift coverage and scheduling, which can come in handy during particularly stressful school days.

Another thing, very many seasonal sales associate jobs pop up during peak holiday months, an added advantage for students who need to make some extra cash while on break.


Before getting a job as a college student
Taking a side job as a college student can be challenging, but going for the right part-time job, especially those on this list can make a very big difference. Before you consider going for a given job, try looking at things like location, career relevance, schedule and also your interests: don’t go for what you don’t like.

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