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The best free plagiarism checkers offer their users a simple, fast, and efficient way of verifying the uniqueness of a piece of writing. 

Whether you want to check plagiarism for web or academic content, you can make use of these tools for plagiarism detection. 

Plagiarism is a serious offense to the efforts of the original author and creator of the content.

Educational institutions in particular need to ensure that their student’s work doesn’t contain plagiarism to maintain their integrity in the academic world.

 The Need of Plagiarism Checkers for Educational Institutions

With so many sources for plagiarism out there on the internet, the need for plagiarism checkers is now more than ever. 

Students, as well as teachers, have to deal with a lot of educational documents throughout the academic year. 

Students have to submit essays, papers, reports, assignments, and other kinds of written academic content. And teachers have to analyze and grade these documents. 

As a student, you want to make sure that your submitted writings don’t contain plagiarism because it can hurt your grades.

As a teacher, you need to check each submitted document for plagiarism before grading them. 

This is where the Plagiarism Checkers come in. 

These checkers help you check academic documents for plagiarism in a simple and easy way. Plagiarism Checkers use powerful algorithms to scan your document against millions of pages on the web to verify that your input text is plagiarism-free.    

Here are some of the best free plagiarism checkers for educational institutions that you need to check out

  1. Prepostseo 

Plagiarism Checker is a powerful free plagiarism checkers tool by Prepostseo. This checker works on a deep search algorithm to compare the input text against millions of different sources on the internet. 

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is the best online plagiarism checker for educational institutions because it is free to use. 

The plagiarism detection speed of this checker is phenomenal. You can check complete essays, reports, and academic documents with this plagiarism, checker. It will show you the results in a short amount of time. 

You don’t need to register yourself on the Prepostseo website for using this plagiarism checker.

These free plagiarism checkers give you complete details about the plagiarism sources as well. This can prove to be quite useful for teachers because they can know at once from where the content was taken.  

Best Features

  • Free to Use 

The Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo is free to use. It doesn’t require you to buy a subscription. Even the registration on Prepostseo is optional.   

  • Accurate Performance

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is fast and accurate. The plagiarism detection performance of this checker is faster and better than most free and paid options out there.  

  • Supports File Upload

You can either copy and paste the text in this plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism or you can upload the files from local or cloud storage.  

  • Mobile App Available

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is available for android and IOS devices as well. The cross-platform support of this app is what makes it stand out from most plagiarism checker apps online.  

  1. Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is a highly recommend free plagiarism checkers detection app for education institutions. 

The reason why we recommend this app for students and teachers is that it is easy to use. 

The user interface and user experience of this app are quite amazing. This checker has a paid version that you can purchase as well. 

Check-Plagiarism website features a wide range of additional tools including the Paraphrasing Tool and Word Counter that can prove to be quite useful for students as well as teachers. 

This checker displays the plagiarism results in real-time and its performance is faster than most plagiarism checkers that we have tried so far.       

Best Features

  • Free & Paid Versions Available

You can use the free version of the plagiarism checkers or you can purchase the premium version for more accurate and faster plagiarism detection. 

Although the free version works just fine, we recommend going for the paid one for educational institutions for the best plagiarism checking performance.  

  • Multiple Plans to Choose From

There are various plans that you can use for the paid version of the Check-Plagiarism. You can either get a monthly or yearly subscription based on your preference.  

  • Mobile-Friendly UI

The best thing about this free plagiarism checkers is that it works perfectly well on mobile devices too. 

You can use the web browser of your mobile phone to get access to this checker and use it 24/7. 

  1. Plagly Plagiarism Checker

Plagly plagiarism checkers are great for students and teachers who want a simple and basic solution for checking plagiarism in academic documents. 

Although the plagiarism detection performance of this checker is good, it is not as fast as the other plagiarism checkers that we have mentioned in this article.

Plagly is easy to use, and you can sign up to get access to more features that it has to offer. Plagly is free-to-use plagiarism checking app that would be a great choice for students and teachers.  

Plagly offers a wide range of additional tools that you can use for various writing purposes. These tools include the Grammar Checker, Citation Generator and Plagly premium for in-depth duplicate content detection.  

Best Features

  • Easy to Use

The user interface of Plagly is quite simple and user-friendly. The app is easy to use for everyone. 

  • Works on Smartphone Devices 

This app is available to install on android as well as IOS devices. This app is lightweight and doesn’t take much system space. 

  • Excellent Performance

This plagiarism checker compares the input text for over 20 billion online sources for best performance. Although its speed is a bit slow, the plagiarism detection performance is quite amazing. 

Wrapping Up

Best free plagiarism checkers are a must for educational institutions that want to maintain their standing in the academic world. 

Students, as well as teachers, can make use of plagiarism checkers to identify plagiarism and then remove it from the input documents. 

The above-mentioned plagiarism detection apps are great for educational institutions because they are free and offer excellent plagiarism checking performance.

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