Quick certifications that pay well

Quick Certifications That Pay Well

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Irrespective of the industry you are in, there is always a program you can take to increase your chances of better pay, career opportunities, and job prospects. Here are our top five recommendations for quick certifications that pay well. This guide will discuss the top five prompt certifications and how to choose the right program for you.

Why Should You Get A Certificate?

The demand for quick certifications is on the rise. The growing demand means certificates are rapidly becoming an essential consideration in determining how well you earn. Why should you get a certificate?

1.     Helps you climb the professional ladder

A certificate is a tool that learners use to show the world their professional development. Organizations value employees who take initiative to learn more and improve themselves professionally. This can boost your CV in terms of professionalism.

2.     Earn more money

If your main aim is to earn money, the surest way to this is by getting a certificate in career fields that value certifications. You will want to look at the credentials that employers are looking for and take the program. The more money you earn, the easier it will be to pay off your student loans. Check out this article “How To Pay OffStudent Loans” on our website.

3.     Provides credibility

If you say you are good at handling a particular task, you need something to show for it. This certificate will be proof of your excellence in the field. Especially when you are early on in your career and you need to establish yourself. Incorporating certificates in your courses act as proof that convinces potential employers of their expertise. It provides external validation that you have the necessary skills required.

4.     Increase your marketability

If you are wondering how to increase your chances of landing a job, getting a certificate can help. A certificate will help you stand out in the current competitive market and increase your chances during the hiring process. Certifications offer status to employees who have proven their skills and knowledge. They are used as a benchmark standard to measure employee candidates.

5.     Personal satisfaction

Most individuals take one a certificate program for personal satisfaction. If you are in a career field that doesn’t excite you, you might enroll in a certificate program that you are passionate about. This will give you personal satisfaction as an expert in a subject matter you have always wished for.

The Top 5 Quick Certifications That Pay Well

Here are our top five quick certifications that guarantee you good pay;

1. Project Management Certification

This certification continues to be in high demand. It is an ideal program for anyone wishing to manage company projects. It demonstrates an increased understanding of how the field operates and what it entails. You will earn an average of $110,000


  • Project experience worth 1500 hours
  •   Pass a question exam of 150 points
  • Take 23 hours of education

2. Supply Chain Certifications

 Having a recognized certification in supply chain management allows you to get a higher salary. Furthermore, it increases your credibility in the market. You can choose to take the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) or Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD) programs. You will enjoy an average salary of $59,800


  • Have one approved certification
  • Pass an exam that averagely costs $700
  •   Maintain the acquired designation within the specified period

3. Human Resource Certification

Many recruiters lookout for employees with human resource certifications. Such certifications demonstrate leadership and understanding of people. Consider the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) designation. Your starting salary will be an averagely of $45,000


For PHR, you need a minimum of two years’ experience. SPHR requires a minimum of four years’ experience.

4. Sales Certifications

Businesses will always need sales representatives. Strengthening your persuasive skills and broadening your knowledge of sales by getting a certification will always make you a valuable employee paid an averagely of $55,049


  • Pay required fees to take the exam and obtain the certification
  • Register for desired course or workshop
  • Take part in web courses and excel in online assessments

5. Medical Front Office Administration Specialist 

If you have a background in medical practice, consider taking this certification. You will act as the first contact for patients and be required to do basic administrative tasks. The highest pay will be $38,378, moving upwards.


  • Medical background
  • 13-week training time

How to Pick the Right Program for You

You have decided to take a certification program. But how do you decide which plan is right for you? While it may seem easy, rushing your selection could waste your time and money. Here are factors to consider ensuring you pick the right program;

1.     Decide what you want to accomplish

Why are you taking the course? Is it to advance your profession, learn a new skill, or is your ultimate goal to make more money? If you are focused on growing your career, you need to refresh your skills. Asa result, you need to choose quick certifications that align with your current career path.

If you want to learn a new skill, consider getting a certification in the latest technology. Moreover, it will showcase your value to potential employers since there will be less competition.  If you aim to make more money, you can choose any of the five quick certifications discussed above.

2.     What are your interests?

Why would you choose a certification that doesn’t interest you? Pick a program that you find exciting and that will keep you invested. Always select a certification area that you are passionate about.

3.     Consider the future

Always plan beyond one program. What comes after completing your course? Remember, you need to stay certified to continue earning and to increase your value in the workplace.

Some certifications will not expire after you acquire them. Most importantly, you need to be smart about it by re-earning the certificate within a specified time frame to show your investment in the area.

Some certifications do expire after a specified period of time. The depth of the course depends on the validity. It requires 60 professional development units to retain your credentials. It is important to consider the future and what you may need to maintain the certification. Keep in mind that quick certifications that pay well could also boost your career.

Final Verdict

The importance of quick certifications cannot be emphasized enough. We have discussed the top five certificate programs that take the shortest time and guarantee you the highest rewards. Good luck with your program!

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