how to mention a research paper in your resume

How To Mention A Research Paper in Your Resume

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Resumes play a vital role in selling your potential to employers. Therefore, where you are a researcher, you should include your research papers to supplement your experience and accomplishments. Resumes play an imperative role when it comes to job and grad school applications. In this article, you are going to learn how to mention a research paper in your resume.

It is through your resume that you sell yourself to the employer or the grad school admission board. There is a need to maintain a relevant resume by concisely packaging all your achievements.

However, many people are always wondering how to mention the research paper in a resume. Through this article, you will discover the easiest way to feature your research experience or research paper in your resume. 

How To Use Your Space Wisely And Incorporate Research Experience

A resume should not exceed two pages. Therefore, you need to plan and manage the space wisely without leaving out relevant information.

You probably have immense research experience over the past years, but you need to establish a straightforward procedure for highlighting and showcasing your research paper and knowledge.

You must never try impressing your employer or the person reading your resume by adding unnecessary stuff. Therefore, you need to understand your past research experiences and determine the most impressive thing about the research.

The idea is to create an excellent impression on the person reading through your resume. Therefore, stick to relevant experiences. 

A resume has several categories from academic achievements, work experience, community or volunteer service, research experience, college activities, publications, and presentations. You shouldn’t feel obligated to accommodate all the categories more so if you have nothing exciting and relevant in the field. 

As a researcher, you have probably worked on so many research projects. You need to examine all the projects and determine the relevant ones to the current application. You cannot include everything in your resume more so where you need to manage your space wisely. 

What To Include In Your Research Experience Category 

Undergraduate students are required to write research papers in partial fulfillment of their course of study.

Every research exposes you to the immense experience and is relevant when writing a resume.

Below are things to include in your research experience section.

Research Mentor

It would be best to give credit where credit is due by writing personal information about your research mentor.

Therefore, you need to jot down their name, position, department, institution, and area of expertise. Incorporating your mentor’s information or data helps show how well you worked closely with a research expert.

There are instances when your resume reviewer is familiar with your mentor and their research experience and work. Where you have done with different research mentors, you should consider incorporating the information. 

Research Job Experience

Apart from your research paper, there are instances when you might have worked under an institution, organization, or a profession as a research assistant. It would help if you pinpointed the job titles and the time.

The job title should be as straightforward as possible to the reviewer. There is a common tendency to use acronyms. Well, not all reviewers are aware of the acronym, and where you must use one, ensure to elaborate it further. 

Specificity is necessary as you need to highlight the period you worked in a particular area. Therefore, avoid information that isn’t clear or that appears vague. 


There are instances where research experts receive funding and scholarships for their research work. Well, you need to include your funding details when mentioning your research paper and experience.

The reviewer must know what the scholarship or award was, whether you were selected in a program you participated in, the amount received from the award, and the timespan.

There are instances when students receive scholarships and funding from the institutions they are enrolled in. nevertheless, where you received external scholarships and funding, like from the government, you should consider mentioning it. 

Research experience 

Every researcher has a journey, and every step makes them more experienced. Therefore, ensure to reflect on your experience as a researcher.

Consequently, you need to understand areas that you excelled in, lessons that you acquired during your research endeavors, skills gained, research outcomes that you have realized, and how research has shaped you as a person. 

Observe Proper Citation

It would be best if you always considered citing your research paper using the right format. Therefore, consider the author’s name (your name and any other person who co-researched your article), the title of the research, and publication dates. Proper citation helps maintain organization. 

Presentations And Publications

As a researcher, you will always have opportunities to present your work, and there are even some instances when your research findings or outcome get published.

It would be best to highlight all your presentations and publications affiliated with your research work and experience. What was the presentation all about, and what was the forum? The information about the dates of the exhibition and the persons in attendance matters much. 

Things To Consider when Mentioning Your research Paper In Your Resume 

Understand The Resume Reviewer

The first step to mentioning your research work without affecting the resume’s relevance is to understand your audience. Why are you writing the resume, and why is the research section relevant? Answering the question will enable you to abhor irrelevant information and, instead, meet your reviewer’s needs. 

Be Organized 

You need to organize your research experience in an easy to follow manner. Lack of organization will confuse your audience, which will eventually work against you.

Therefore, take your time and organize your resume in an orderly, precise, and comprehensive manner. A resume that is easy to read and to understand work miracles. 

As a researcher, your journey will be filled with experiences and exposure relevant to your resume reviewer. Nevertheless, some experiences appear irrelevant and should be left out when writing your resume.

Your research paper and experiences will always help sell you to your audience in the most presentable manner possible.


Therefore, ensure understanding the above guidelines that help you know the best way to mention your research paper in your resume while using the limited space wisely. 

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