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Does It Matter Where You Go To College?

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The prospect of going to college is not a mere achievement. It means you have been working hard all through high school and now you are ready to take it to the next level. But how about the dilemma of where to go to college? Or, does it matter where you go to college?

This might be sitting heavily on you especially if you have been told that certain colleges will help you do well in life. College application to elite institutions is a high-stress process not to mention how costly it can be.

However, it does not mean you have to attend these colleges in order to have a bright future?

That is a difficult question with no definite answer.

Thus, if you are wondering whether where you attend college does really matter,

Let me give you some important insights.

Employers are Always looking For Employees

Even with a non-traditional degree, you can still land the job of your dreams as long as you have the skills and knowledge to do the job you are applying for.

Think about this for a moment

Employers will not be awed by the college you attended if you don’t have the skills and knowledge required for the job.

And this is why.

Most employers have realized that people who graduated from nontraditional schools still have the knowledge needed and skills for various fields.


If you are an older student, a single parent, or someone who joined the college in your adulthood you understand the struggle it takes to graduate.

Many employers have been through the same process that’s why they understand only too well that you can work well under pressure.

And not forgetting

Being driven, flexible, and great at stress management is one of the things that will get employers looking your way. 

Therefore, don’t be too worried about whether your choice of the college you attend will affect your search for a job. Instead focus on getting the required skills.

Value vs Cost

When choosing a college you have to decide on cost vs. value.  A traditional university will require you to invest thousands of dollars to complete your degree.

This is assuming that you will graduate in 4 years. If you take longer that, it means more money will go towards your college education.

It even gets worse

If you drop out before completion because you won’t be getting the fees paid back.

On top of that, you will have nothing to show that you actually attended college hence a waste of money and time.

My point is this.

Pick a college that gives you value for the money you are spending.  Check out colleges that offer accelerated courses, flexible schedules, and year-round enrollment to make sure graduation comes quicker.

You not only end up spending less on tuition but you will also finish early and embark on your dream career. It is your future on the line which means you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions sway you.


It does matter where you go to college when it comes to accreditation. If the college you are attending is not accredited, you are just wasting your time on something that will not help you.

You will have wasted your time and money to get a certificate that will never help you secure a job.  


Before you pick the college to attend you need to make sure it is accredited. Going to college is essential to secure a bright future and this will not happen if you are making poor decisions.

Choosing to spend money to attend a college that has not been accredited will be reckless of you hence you need to do due diligence before making a decision.

Successful Graduate

What’s your definition of a successful graduate? I know you can have multiple answers to this question. But this is what matters most when it comes to choosing a college to attend to.

It is better to go to a college where there are more frequent interactions with the faculty. You will have better opportunities to participate in collaborative learning activities and be more active in class.

Thus, the only thing that matters in picking a college is the opportunities you will get there.

In Conclusion

It does not really matter where you go to college as long as you know the path you want to take. All that matters is whether you will be equipped with the needed skills and knowledge to succeed in the professional world.

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