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Discover Student Cards

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A student card is also known as a student ID card or a campus card. It’s a document that certifies a student’s status. In most cases, these cards are valid for only one or two semesters and must be renewed to extend their validity. Some student cards can be valid for four years or as long as an individual remains a university student. These student cards offer benefits such as discounts on food, libraries, and so much more, making College life easier. Read on to Discover Student Cards and their benefits.

How Can I Get A Student Card?

To get a student card, you must be enrolled as a student in that university. Remember, you must get the card immediately/before you arrive on campus because it will give you access to university services. Most universities issue student IDs through the Campus Security offices.

Depending on your university’s policies, you can either apply for the card online or fill a hard copy application form at the security office. If you apply online, the card can be mailed to you at the address you provided in your application. Here is some information you ID card with contain:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Expiry date
  • Identification number
  • Faculty, among others
  • Your photograph

Some universities have specifications on what type photographs they accept. When uploading your photograph online, make sure it complies with the specifications. After you join the university, you’ll Discover the Student Cards they issue and the procedure of getting one. Once you get your ID card, you’ll have to carry it at all times while in the university. Moreover, you must present it to security or university staff on demand. In most cases, the card will be issued to you for free, but if you lose it, you’ll have to pay a replacement fee.

The technology used on student cards varies from institution to institution. For example, some colleges have cards that are equipped with magnetic strips that you can just swipe to access amenities.

Usually, these card cards are deactivated electronically if they are reported as stolen or lost. If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately and get a new one just to avoid malicious activity using your card. Furthermore, the officials will check your university records before making any changes to the card.

Benefits Of Having A Student Card

Having a student ID has loads of benefits. Some of which extend beyond the university premises. These benefits are time and money-saving. Discover some benefits of Student Cards’ below:

Student Identification

Just as the name implies, a student ID identifies you as a student. Whether you are within or outside the campus, it lets people know you are part of a specific institution. While on campus, the ID card will give you access to all campus buildings, cafeterias, parking areas, locker rooms, libraries (borrowing books), laboratories, lecture halls, dorms, IT rooms, playgrounds, etc. 

That means student IDs also help the university identify their enrolled students. For example, for you to sit an exam, you must have a student ID. Furthermore, it grants you free photocopying and printing services available.

Drink Specials

On special occasions, students are offered great discounts on drinks. Apart from the campus treats, some stores also offer discounts to students.

Free Bus Services

Some universities offer staff, faculty, and students free bus rides. All you have to do is show their ID cards, and they’ll be allowed in. As a student, you’ll be able to ride for free on all routes, any time, any day, including express and regular routes, trolleys, and shuttles.

Free Access To Recreational Facilities

All universities have recreational facilities, including swimming pools, bike trails, parks, and sports facilities like gyms, soccer/basketball/volleyball pitches, etc. Enrolled students with ID cards have free access to these facilities.

Discounted/Free Movie Tickets

If you are a fan of movies, your student ID can help you watch movies or free or get tickets at discounted rates. Combine this with a free bus ride and you’ll have a great time spending your evening away from the university.

Cheap Sports Day Tickets

University sports days are no joke. Your student ID card can give you free and exclusive access to gymnastic meets, basketball games, and many other sporting activities. The card will guarantee you a seat during all home games.

Discover Student Cards: Campus smart cards

Some private enterprises have made it possible for students to use their campus cards and student ID to purchase items off-campus. Universities like Missouri State University and Nova Southeastern University have moved away from the traditional student cards (with magnetic stripes) and are using campus smart cards. 

These smart cards are an upgrade of the conventional student cards because they use embedded chips instead of magnetic stripes. Campus smart cards use both contactless and contact radio frequencies, which improves convenience and security for accessibility, campus payments, and commerce.


A student card is very important for you as a student. It is this student card that will allow you to enjoy university services and the other benefits discussed above.

In a nutshell… We all know that University tuition fees are expensive, let alone the cost of living. Saving money by using your student card to get meal discounts or library discounts is a plus. When you’ve received admission into a university, try to Discover Student Cards offered by the university and find out whether you’ll get the card before or after you join the campus.

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