Colleges with the best dorm rooms

Colleges With The Best Dorms

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There are very many factors to consider when choosing a college. One of them is a dorm room. With advancements in technology and increased human desire for comfort, colleges have also learned to appreciate and go by the trends. They have married the most recent architectural designs to provide students with modern features in their living rooms. Some of these colleges with the best dorms have an apartment-style living, fancy recreational facilities, and even free laundry. With increasing college fees, some institutions have also upgraded their residence halls to market themselves. So what are some of the colleges with the best dorms?

Rice University

Built on a 300-acre campus, William Marsh Rice University is a private research university in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1992, William Marsh Rice desired to have a free university named after him. Rice University became famous for its productivity and discoveries.

Opened in 2009, these dorms are beyond the silver status. They can accommodate around 650 students.

Bryn Mawr College

Frequently in the list of the best liberal arts colleges in the USA and among the most diverse colleges. Bryn Mawr is iconic for its consistent academic prowess, innovative learning ideas, and political activism.

Since 1885 as a Quaker school, Bryn Mawr College has been an uncompromisingly feminist academic institution. Bryn Mawr has also established itself a reputation as one of the learning institutions with the best dorms.

Most of its dorms are iconic buildings, including several halls constructed in 1990. They include Merion, Pembroke, and the New Dorm, the first dorm in the college built-in 1969.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was incorporated in the mid-1860s as a private research institute. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university admitted its first student in 1865. As we speak, MIT is one of the world’s upfront STEM research academic institutions.

One of the most revered buildings in a world-class university, MITs Simmons hall, gives it a position on our list. Designed by legendary architect Steven Holl, Simmons was carefully mounted on the humble sea sponge. It also boasts several architectural awards for its originality and beauty. The hall accommodates more than 340 undergraduates.

Southern Methodist University

This is one of the most prestigious and selective private universities in Texas. It also has satellite campuses in Piano, Texas, and Taos. SMU was founded in 1911 by the Methodist Episcopal Church in partnership with Dallas civic leaders. Dallas is one of the busiest cities in the US, and SMU deeply influences its lifestyle.

SMU houses students in its five new residential halls according to a residential common in the traditional Oxbridge style. Built-in 2014 by the Beck group, these new residential houses are all LEF-certified.

Regent University

Consistently named one of America’s top Christian learning institutions, Regent University offers high-quality degree programs online and in Virginia. Built in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Regent was founded by Pat Robertson in 1977. It was a Christian Broadcasting Network University and later changed its name to Regent. Its fully furnished students living rooms will make you forget you’re living in a college dorm.

All newbies are strictly required to stay in on-campus halls of residence. However, while this might sound like a drag at other colleges, that’s certainly not the case at Regent. The university has two main dorms, each featuring spacious, fully furnished rooms equipped with full-sized kitchens and cable TV.

Bowdoin College

Among the highest-ranked liberal arts colleges in the US, Bowdoin College was founded in 1794, more than 200 years ago. For a long time, Bowdoin was primarily a men’s college, until 1971 when it started admitting women. In 1997, Bowdoin closed down its Greek organizations behind claims of a notorious drinking habit, turning the former fraternity buildings into dormitories.

Nicknamed the “living rooms of Bowdoin” due to the strong social aspects related to these dorms. This became the most desired housing within the college and one of the best college houses in America.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private learning institution in Chicago, Illinois. Its foundation was laid in 1890, and the main campus is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. It is famously known as one of the most academically demanding and challenging institutions in the US, and the entire world.

Since its foundation, the University of Chicago has cultivated a reputation for its stimulating student life and culture. One of the most revered dorms here is the Max Palevsky Residential Commons.

Students at the Max are allocated to one of 8 in-hall houses, each of which has its own community and character. And in addition, Max, also known as the Uchicago, has music practice rooms, which is rare even in the Highest ranked college dorms.

Scripps College

This is a private liberal arts women’s college based in Claremont, California. Founded in 1926, Scripps college is a member of the Claremont colleges and is known for its historic campus and an interdisciplinary core curriculum. Scripps college is an undergraduate institution which lays emphasis in interdisciplinary and humanities education.

Scripps boasts being the most prestigious women’s college in Western United States, and is consistently at the top.Scripps’ location offers both single rooms and suites to residents, all of which can be found in nine residence halls.

According to Scripps’ official website, many buildings in the school have been around for more than 100 years, including the halls of residence, though modern machines and flour lamps were later included.


Now that you’ve read about colleges with the best dorm rooms, which College are you most likely to apply to and why? It’s important to choose a dorm room thats both comfortable and study friendly so that you can get the best out of both worlds.

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