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What Grades Do Colleges Look At?

By Wilfred O | Jun 27, 2022

Every prospective college student wonders what grades they need to get into their dream school. And while the answer to that question depends on a variety of factors, most colleges do take into account your academic record when making admissions decisions. So, what grades do colleges look at? Keep reading to find out! Grade Point …

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A happy woman holding a man- Long-distance relationships in colleges

Long-Distance Relationships In College: Tips & Tricks

By Pauline Katethya | Aug 13, 2021

Navigating relationships in college can be hard. Here are tips that will help your long-distance relationships in college last longer.

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Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

By Wilfred O | Jul 27, 2021

The best free plagiarism checkers offer their users a simple, fast, and efficient way of verifying the uniqueness of a piece of writing.  Whether you want to check plagiarism for web or academic content, you can make use of these tools for plagiarism detection.  Plagiarism is a serious offense to the efforts of the original …

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How hard is medical school?

How hard Is Medical School

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 30, 2021

How hard is medical school? Is it about studying all the time? While there is some truth in these questions, it is a bit far-fetched. Like everything worth having, medical school can be a bit challenging. Medical studies are rigorous and call for committed and well-prepared learners. Despite all this, becoming a physician is an …

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Diploma Vs. Degree

Diploma Vs. Degree

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 23, 2021

Diploma vs. Degree is one of the most debated question in the education field. The idea of further studies is admirable. There are various paths you can take to start your desired career after graduation. As a student, it is important to choose a path that you’re comfortable with and one that will get you …

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How to create a study plan

How To Create A Good Study Plan

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 19, 2021

A study plan is a schedule that includes study times and goals. As a student, you should come up with a learning schedule that includes time dedicated to studying. A study plan helps you get through college and helps you become accountable for your learning outcomes. Besides, it increases your chances of passing your exams. …

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What is a good GPA for University?

What Is A Good GPA For University?

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 16, 2021

“What is a good GPA for university?” is a question many students seek an answer to. Experts say, at minimum, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 to graduate and be eligible to receive federal financial aid. Colleges monitor the GPA scores of their students. Students are expected to get a minimum of 3.0 …

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Discover student cards

Discover Student Cards

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 11, 2021

A student card is also known as a student ID card or a campus card. It’s a document that certifies a student’s status. In most cases, these cards are valid for only one or two semesters and must be renewed to extend their validity. Some student cards can be valid for four years or as …

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College Graduation-What you need to know

College Graduation- What You Need To Know

By Maywood Rachel | Mar 4, 2021

Graduation is a time for celebration but can also bring confusion when handled poorly. Getting a college degree is an important step in life and has become a dream for many students. Like most college seniors, you are probably anticipating your college graduation with mixed feelings. You may feel scared of what comes next or …

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